Ash Getting Me Into Trouble (sigh)

A/N: This is a F/F spanking discipline story. The brat characters in this story have a previously established spanking [non-romantic] relationship with the Top character.

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This is a fictional story that depicts me and Ash (of Ashtale) as characters. Miranda is purely fictional and not based off any specific person.

Ash and I actually discovered that we (in real life) went to the same university as each other, and at the same time. A very small world!! We didn’t know each other then, but we’ve since discovered we have a few mutual contacts (not as many as I’d have expected considering we attended the same uni in the same year).

This is a story where I’ve imagined an alternative reality where we DID know each other, and had a mutual [non-romantic] relationship with the same Top. This story is a bit silly and not to be taken very seriously (that goes for many of my stories though). The premise of the story came largely from Ash (and her love of The Sims…) while I did the actual writing of it. I also consulted with Ash for her character’s responses and dialogue.

Oh, the title (“Ash Getting Me Into Trouble (sigh)”) of the story is of course my idea by the way. Ash disapproves of it 😉 She suggested the title, “Emma Gets Distracted From Her Chores and Blames Ash” – but I think if you read the story, you’ll see my title is more fitting 😀 

Emma looked at the state of the kitchen and groaned. Pretty much every available plate, bowl, and cup was dirty, and stacked up in and around the sink. Some had dried bits of food on them, and the counters were full of crumbs.

The bin was stacked precariously high, as Emma and her housemate Ash had been engaging in a sort of game of jenga with it, each carefully balancing any new pieces of rubbish on top, instead of actually taking it out.

The floor needed sweeping, and the living room wasn’t really in a much better state either. With Miranda away for the weekend, the girls had taken the opportunity to have some friends over for a small party. Nothing wild. Nothing had been damaged. But the house was certainly a mess.

Emma sighed and reflected on the situation. She and Ash had been very lucky with their living situation; as university students, both had worried about struggling to find accommodation for their 2nd and final years, since on-campus accommodation was only available to first year students.

They’d hit the jackpot, or so it seemed, when they’d met Miranda. They’d met online, actually. Ash and Emma were both members of the same F/F TTWD internet message board, and had managed to work out they were attending the same university. They’d then been quite surprised to find out another regular poster, the rather Toppy Miranda, also lived near their university, and had rooms available to rent in her house for 2 boarders. The rent she charged them was much cheaper than anything they’d ever find elsewhere; barely a fraction of what many of their friends paid.

“As long as you pull you weight with the chores,” she’d reminded them when they’d jumped on the offer to move in. “I’ll be your landlady – not your mother.”

There was another catch too.

If either of the 2 girls broke any of Miranda’s rules, she would discipline them, typically with a spanking. They’d also found she was rather unfortunately interested in their coursework and assignments, and did not take a sympathetic view to procrastination.

Still, the rent was incredibly cheap, and the house was a nice one and conveniently near the university. And though neither of them may have easily admitted it, especially when in trouble, both Ash and Emma realised that Miranda was able to provide a structure that they both deeply needed.

Not to mention that she had quickly become not just a disciplinarian to them, but a friend. Now in the beginning of their final year of university, the 2 girls had not only developed a close friendship with each other, but also a deep and caring bond with their landlady.

Still, this mess was going to be a problem.

Emma had actually crashed out on the sofa last night, having never made it up to bed. She crept upstairs now, and was surprised to find Ash seemed to be up too, though it was earlier on a Sunday morning than she normally showed her face.

“Hey,” she said tentatively, peeking round the door into Ash’s room.

“Oh, hey Emma,” Ash said. She seemed very tired, but also quite intent on what was on her laptop screen.

“Are… you working on your coursework?” Emma asked hesitantly. She couldn’t think of another reason Ash would be on her computer so early.

“No, it’s The Sims,” Ash said. “Come see, this is really cool.”

Emma stepped into the room. The mess downstairs was still on her mind, but she wasn’t unwilling to be distracted from that thought.

“Look at this,” Ash said. “I’m gonna build the best eco-friendly house. With solar panels and wind turbines!”

“Ok,” Emma said. She wasn’t really that into The Sims though she’d played the original some years back when it had first been popular.

“And my Sims are going to go dumpster diving,” Ash added.

“Cool,” Emma said, a little unenthusiastically. “Look, Ash. We really should-”

“I kinda want a mersim,” Ash said suddenly, cutting her off.

“A what?”

“A mersim. You know, like a mermaid. They’re really cool, and they can sleep in the water so they don’t need a bedroom, and they don’t need a shower.”

“Er… yes,” Emma agreed.

“We have a tropical world called Sulani with a volcano. And you can swim in the water and dive. And there are dolphins.”

Emma was lost now.

“Look, Ash,” she said, trying to get back on topic. “Miranda will be back today, and we really need to-”

“Today?” Ash cut her off suddenly. For the first time, she seemed to become aware of the time. “Oh, shit.”


“Uh… I didn’t realise it was this late. I mean early. I… haven’t gone to bed yet,” Ash said, rather sheepishly.

Ash!” Emma could not keep the exasperation out of her voice. “Ash, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning!”

“I know,” Ash said, still looking a bit sheepish.

“Ok, well you have to help me tidy up,” Emma said. “Miranda will be back this afternoon.”

“Yeah all right,” Ash said, yawning. “But I need to take a nap first.”

Emma sighed. Then she groaned and beat her palm against her forehead in frustration. This was definitely not going to plan. “Ok, fine,” she agreed. “But just a nap, ok? How long do you need?”

“Just half an hour or so,” Ash said sleepily. “I’ll set an alarm.”

“Ok, but you really really need to just sleep for half an hour,” Emma said. “I need your help. Seriously, Miranda’s going to kill us if she sees the house in this state and… ugh!”

“What?” Ash asked, though sleep seemed to be overwhelming her fast now that she’d snapped out of playing her Sims game.

“Ugh, just stupid assignments,” Emma muttered. “I’ve got some due on Friday, and I promised Miranda I’d start them this weekend.”

“And have you?”

“What do you think?” Emma snapped.

“Ok, well good luck then,” Ash said sleepily, dragging herself from desk to bed and then collapsing on it for her nap. “If it makes you feel any better,” she mumbled, as she drifted to sleep. “I haven’t worked on my essays either.”

Emma sighed as she lay back on her bed in her own room. She could get on with the cleaning, she figured. But she just didn’t feel starting without Ash, and end up doing more than half the work. Plus, that was only one of two things she was definitely going to be in trouble for.

With a sigh, she dragged her laptop over to her on the bed and booted it up. She should really have a look at her essays. Ash could take the fall with her for the mess, she decided, but at least she could maybe avoid additional trouble over her assignments.

But with a blank Word document on her screen, Emma was incredibly uninspired. She pushed the laptop away from her again. She hadn’t slept well on the sofa last night, and Sunday morning didn’t feel like a good time to be trying to write about the history of the definite article in English, or whatever the stupid topic was.

Ash was perhaps the most consciously naughty of the pair, often dragging the rather more cautious but still easily corruptible Emma into pranks and other trouble. But Emma definitely won on procrastination.

There was a definite sinking feeling in her gut now, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do anything.

“Ash.” Emma shook her friend gently. “Ash!”

“What?” Ash grumbled, not opening her eyes.

“C’mon Ash, it’s after midday now,” Emma said, shaking her a bit harder.

“Well, you shoulda woke me up earlier then,” Ash grumbled, managing to drag herself into a sitting position.

“I tried,” Emma said with some annoyance. “You wouldn’t get up.”

“Oh. Sorry. Well, I’m up now.”

With a bit of a sleepy shuffle still in her step, Ash managed to follow Emma downstairs and begin moving some cups and glasses from the sitting room into the kitchen.

“I’m going to move a teenager on a lot, remove their money, and make them survive on collecting rocks and plants.”

“What?” Emma asked. Had Ash totally lost it?

“In The Sims,” Ash clarified.

“Oh.” They were back on that again. Wasn’t Ash worried about the trouble they were going to be in?

“Ooh, we’re getting ladders soon!”

“Wait, do you mean in a new version of the game there’ll be ladders? Weren’t there ladders before?” Emma wasn’t even sure why she was asking. Ladders weren’t going to help them get this place clean!

“Yeah, in a new version,” Ash said. “Oh, that reminds me they have a live video where they talked about the new stuff coming to the game. I need to watch that!”

“Yes, but not today!” Emma said quite firmly now.

“Yeah, all right, all right, not today,” Ash agreed a little irritably. “My Sim is trying to graft a death plant.”

“I don’t know what that is,” Emma said. She wasn’t really looking for an explanation. The tidying was going very slowly.

“If you have a death plant in your pocket when the Grim Reaper comes you’ll avoid death. Also if you have a death plant in the Sims, and some other ingredients you can bake Ambrosia and bring a ghost back to human form.”

“Oh good,” Emma said quite sarcastically now. “And if the Sims turn their house into a tip while their landlady is away for the weekend, do they get spanked?” she asked.

“Actually, there’s a mod for that,” Ash said.

Emma didn’t even know what that meant. “Wait, what?” she said. “Are you saying they can actually get spanked? I was… joking.”

“Yeah, wanna see?”

“Umm…” Emma cast an eye around the still very untidy room. They hadn’t even started on the kitchen.

“I can show you a YouTube clip. It’s only like a minute long,” Ash wheedled.

It was only a few minutes later that they found themselves in Ash’s bedroom, with Ash pulling the YouTube video up on her screen.

That’s when they heard the noise of a car pulling into the driveway.


Emma and Ash looked at each other in horror. They hadn’t expected Miranda back for at least several more hours. A quick glance out the window told them it unfortunately most definitely was Miranda who was now getting out of her car and making her way to the front door.

What do we do?” Emma hissed.

“I don’t know,” Ash whispered. Now that the trouble she was in had actually caught up with her, she was panicking slightly. She’d jumped out of her seat at the noise of the car arriving.

“C’mon, you’re the brains behind the operation!”

Ash shrugged. “I got nothing. Wanna go face her, or hide up here?”

Emma paused. Going down to face her would probably be the safer option in the long term. But she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. “Hide,” she said firmly.

The key turned in the lock, and the two girls stood frozen together in silence in Ash’s room as they heard Miranda enter. A few minutes passed as Miranda was no doubt taking in the state of her home.

“EMMA! ASH! Get down here at once!”

Exchanging another horrified look, the two girls scrambled to obey, almost tripping over each other on the stairs.

Tumbling into the kitchen, they stopped dead in front of Miranda, both looking at the floor rather than the irate woman or the mess that surrounded them.

It was Emma who risked a glance up at their landlady first. Of average height and build for a woman, Miranda could be deceptively strong when she delivered discipline, as the girls had found out on many occasions since moving in last year. In her 40s, her straight brown hair was cropped in a short style, and she had quite a friendly face when she wasn’t glaring sternly at the two rather guilty university students in front of her.

“Uh, I can explain,” Emma said weakly.

“I think you’d better.”

“Would you believe me if I said we’d had a break in?” Ash tried, though she didn’t look up. She’d meant to say it jokingly, to try and lighten the mood; the atmosphere was rather tense. But her voice had just come out rather small.

Miranda sighed, choosing to ignore Ash’s silliness for now. She addressed Emma again, who could occasionally be more sensible; or at least more willing to be upfront with the truth when caught in trouble.

“Go on then, Emma. Explain.”

“Well, we had a sort of party,” Emma said, looking at the floor again.

“A sort of party?” Miranda asked dryly. “And what made it only ‘sort of’ a party?”

“Uh, well, a party then, I guess,” Emma corrected herself. “And, well, we were going to tidy up. But then…” She paused. Part of her really wanted to dump Ash in it, and blame her for this situation. But she knew she was to blame as well; there had been nothing stopping her from getting started on the cleaning herself, except for her own stubbornness. “Well, I suppose we never quite got round to it.” As she spoke, her voice became lower and lower in volume, until the end was almost inaudible.

“I see,” Miranda said. She contemplated the two girls in front of her. She was tired from her trip, and had been hoping to come home and be able to rest. But now, it seemed, she needed to deal with discipline. “Come with me,” she said, walking past the pair and into the sitting room. Hesitantly, they followed.

Emma shot Ash a slightly dirty look. She still blamed her a bit for the trouble they were in. It had been Ash’s idea to have the party as well!

Miranda took a seat of the sofa, and then turned her stern expression back on the two rather guilty looking students. “So, who’d like to go first?” she asked.

“Not me!” Ash said quickly, even as Emma volunteered, “I will.”

It was better to get these things over with, Emma thought. She may have been a champion procrastinator, but once caught out and in trouble, she preferred not to drag it out.

“Ok,” Miranda said crisply. “Ash, I want your pants off, and your bare bottom in that corner.” She pointed. “And Emma, you can fetch me the paddle.”

Emma groaned. One of Miranda’s weapons of choice was a ping pong paddle, but with the padding removed so it was just the wood, and holes drilled in to reduce the drag. Sometimes she spanked with a hairbrush; a heavy wooden thing, slightly bigger than Emma would have thought a hairbrush would be. She could never decide which was worse. Whatever was being administered at any given moment usually got her vote for most painful, though. No matter which implement was chosen, she somehow always found herself wishing it had been the other.

As Emma went on her reluctant journey to fetch the dreaded paddle, she was aware of a struggle that Ash was having. By the time she got back downstairs, it was clear Ash had earned herself a few swats, and Miranda was not pleased with having had to get out of her seat and put the girl in the corner herself.

Ash’s hands were up on her head; not a good sign, Emma thought. Miranda didn’t usually require that of them during corner time, unless they’d already put up a fuss, or if she was in a particularly strict mood.

Handing the paddle to Miranda, Emma pulled her own trousers and underwear down without being asked. She was actually quite keen to get into position, so she didn’t have to see Miranda’s stern and disapproving expression anymore. She also hoped that a show of cooperation now might save a small piece of her ass.

It was awkward working out how exactly to go over the older woman’s lap, but Miranda quickly solved that for her with a tug, and she found herself almost tumbling into position. Now came the squirming; she couldn’t help it.

“So,” Miranda said sharply, beginning the spanking at once in a steady fashion as Emma continued to squirm. “Since you felt you had so much time to throw a party in my absence, I presume you’re well along with your assignments, and you’ll be able to show me your progress later.”

Emma’s embarrassed silence was all the answer she needed.

“I see,” Miranda said, once it was clear Emma had nothing to say. She continued to land solid smacks on Emma’s bottom. “In that case, we’ll be having another discussion later.”

Emma groaned, and then yelped in response to a flurry of rather hard smacks. “I’m sorry,” she said, plaintively.

“Hmph. I wouldn’t say you’re quite there yet,” Miranda informed her. “Now, for the matter of the mess you’ve created in my home.”

“Ow, sorry!” Emma answered her miserably.

“I expect to be able to go away and come back without finding my house turned into a tip in my absence,” Miranda lectured. “I want to be able to trust you girls to look after my home and my belongings.”

“We’ll tidy up,” Emma insisted. “We really will.”

“Yes, you certainly will,” Miranda agreed. “When you spankings are over, the two of you will make sure this place is spotless before we can have the discussion about both of your assignments.”

Emma thought she heard a whimper from Ash in the corner, but then that thought left her again. She was too concerned with the immediate situation her own backside was currently in.

Emma’s feet were kicking now, and she was sure her bottom must be glowing. She wanted so desperately for it to be over, but unfortunately she knew the worst was still to come. There was a pause, and then she felt the paddle resting against her hot and burning bottom.

“Please Miranda, you don’t need- OW!”

She didn’t manage to finish her sentence, as the paddle was brought down with some force. Her hand flew back at once, but was easily captured by Miranda and pinned to her side. Her wild kicking was quickly tamed by several scorching swats on the backs of the thighs, and then her bottom was back in the firing line again.

Rapidly, Emma’s bottom was turned quite raw, and she screeched through the series of swats that blistered her sit-spots. Finally, it was over, and Emma hissed in pain as she was sat on Miranda’s lap, and pulled into a hug. She continued to mumble apologies as Miranda soothed and comforted her for several minutes, but then we she evicted from the embrace, and being directed to an empty corner by Miranda’s pointing finger.

Sniffling slightly as she stepped out of her pants and underwear, Emma obeyed her. Once there, however, she was quite unsure what she should do with her hands. She raised them up towards her head, but then lowered them again, reluctant to assume that particular position if she didn’t have to. But then she raised them again slightly, afraid to do anything that might get her in further trouble.

“Hands by your sides,” came Miranda’s slightly exasperated voice from behind her. Quickly, Emma dropped her arms to her sides. “Remember, if I see you rubbing, we will repeat this exercise.”

“Yes ma’am,” Emma mumbled to the wall.

“Ash, come here please.”

Emma heard the distinct sound of Ash’s feet dragging on the carpet, and then a squeal as she was pulled over Miranda’s lap.

“I take it you’re up to date on your assignments, then,” Miranda’s voice drifted across the room to Emma, who cringed on behalf of her friend. “Or will you be needing a second discussion as well?”

“Um, well,” Ash began, around her yelps from the spanking that had already begun. “My computer might have misplaced some files OW!”

Emma winced as she heard the rate of Miranda’s falling palm speed up. From the sound of it, she had increased the strength behind her swats as well.

“I would encourage you to remember how I feel about lying,” Miranda informed her. “You might want to think on whether you’d like to be discussing that as well later, on top of the discussion we no doubt will be having about your coursework.”

In the corner, Emma was cringing horribly from sounds of her friend being spanked and lectured in this way. She wished dreadfully she could push her fingers into her ears and block it out. She had been mad at Ash for dragging her into trouble with her, but it was impossible to hold that feeling as she overheard the increasingly pained and miserable noises coming from her as she received a walloping from Miranda.

She received almost the same lecture Emma had done now, and then Ash’s urgent and desperate pleas of how sorry she was increased, and from the sound of it, Miranda had begun using the paddle.

Finally, Ash’s punishment seemed to be over, and Emma heard Miranda’s soothing voice as she too was comforted.

Then, Miranda set them to work cleaning the place, while she herself went upstairs to take a shower after her trip.

Ash and Emma worked quietly for several hours, neither of them in the mood for conversation as they each contemplated their fates with a further discussion on the horizon about their essays. Both were also instructed to have something to eat and then take a shower once the house was clean, since Emma had crashed out last night with her clothes still on, and Ash had done the same thing that morning for her nap.

Then, each girl waited in her own room for Miranda to come see them.

Emma was first. She sat on her bed with some trepidation, and not even bothering to open her laptop. She had nothing to show anyway.

She felt that sinking feeling in her gut again, when Miranda entered the room carrying the wooden hairbrush. Today it didn’t matter which was worse, she supposed. She was clearly getting both. She winced to think of it coming into contact with her already very sore bottom though. The few hours’ rest it had had while cleaning had done little to ease the throbbing ache from the earlier attention Miranda had given it.

“Would you like to show me your work so far?” Miranda asked.

“There isn’t anything to show,” Emma admitted honestly. “I… haven’t started.”

“Right then,” Miranda said, sitting on the bed beside her. “You’d best get your bare bottom over my lap then, hadn’t you?”

Emma grimaced, but did as she was told without argument, removing the underpants she’d put on after her shower. Miranda wasted no time on a warm up this time. The brush cracked down at once, landing on Emma’s sit spots, hard. Emma screeched in answer to it, and struggled wildly, unable to hold herself still. But there was no evading it, and Miranda brought it down repeatedly, punishing her thoroughly until her swollen bottom all but glowed. The lecture that came with it penetrated into Emma’s mind through the haze of pain, though she couldn’t hang onto any particular word.

Her assignments were important, her degree was important. She needed to focus and apply herself, and Miranda cared about her wellbeing, and her studies. That was what came through, though if any specific questions were addressed to her, she was unable to answer but for her continued wail of largely incomprehensible apologies, and promises to do better.

Finally, she was in Miranda’s arms, and clinging desperately to her friend as she was comforted for the second time that day. “There, the slate is clear,” Miranda told her, giving her a quick kiss on the side of the head. “But I want you to begin work on your assignments now. I’ll be back to check your progress in a bit. And no sitting on your bed hunched over your laptop, my girl. I want you sitting at your desk properly, and perhaps sitting on that bare bottom of yours will help give you some motivation, hmm?”

Emma was too embarrassed to reply, so she just hid her face in Miranda’s shirt and nodded agreement.

“Good girl,” Miranda told her, gently helping her to her feet. “Now, wish me luck dealing with your naughty little friend.”

Emma blinked in surprise. She could have sworn Miranda had just winked at her!

Unfortunately, Emma’s feelings of embarrassment were soon renewed when she heard the sound of a spanking coming from Ash’s room. She wasn’t sure which embarrassed her more; to overhear Ash’s punishment in this way, or to know that Ash had most definitely overheard hers. No specific words were clear through the walls, but it was perfectly obvious what was going on.

She couldn’t help wondering how Ash was getting on with her ‘missing file’ excuse. From the sound of things, not well. Emma didn’t always have an amazing sense of judging the passage of time, but she was quite certain Ash was being punished for longer than she had just been.

Shaking her head slightly, even as she felt a pang of sympathy for her friend, Emma thought of how Ash would often make ill-advised comments even at the point of being over Miranda’s lap. She had no doubt Ash had tried more than one ridiculous excuse to get out of this punishment, but had no doubt only made her situation worse.

She waited until there was no more sounds of spanking coming from the next room, and then collected herself and began to actually think properly about her assignment.

By dinner time, she’d made some useful notes, book marked several pages, and written a decent introduction. She showed her work to Miranda, who was quite satisfied with her progress, and back to her more usual friendly self. The landlady had decided to cook dinner for all three of them that evening, though in the usual run of things, it wouldn’t have been her job tonight.

For the second time that day, Emma peeked her head around Ash’s bedroom door, to find Ash seated at the computer.

“You ok?” Emma asked.

Ash nodded, though she shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

“Yeah, sorry about getting you into trouble.”

Emma managed a small laugh. “I don’t need you to get me in trouble,” she admitted. “I’d have managed to get there by myself.”

“That’s true,” Ash said, grinning. Then, she said. “I can’t wait till my assignment’s finished. I’m going to play so much Sims, and I’m going to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender!”

Emma shook her head, trying to look disapproving. But really, she was amused how Ash could so quickly seem to have forgotten her punishment, and be thinking about The Sims again, and what shows she wanted to watch. She wasn’t annoyed by the topic anymore though, now that they no longer were in imminent danger of a spanking. Besides, she was an Avatar fan too, and she’d be quite happy to do a re-watch of the series

“When I used to play the original Sims game,” Emma said. “You could bring up a cheat bar and type in Rosebud and you’d get a thousand pounds.”

“Now the cheat is ‘kaching’,” Ash said. “And ‘motherload’ for 50k. But you can also type ‘Money’ and the sum you want your Sim to have.”

Emma laughed. “Trust you to know all the cheats!”

“Of course!” Ash said.

Both girls couldn’t help laughing then.

“Ash! Emma! Get down here now!”

Their laughter cut off short as they each gave each other as horrified an expression as they’d exchanged earlier. Miranda’s voice did not sound pleased! Scrambling to get downstairs, they once again tumbled into the kitchen. But this time, they found Miranda laughing.

“Got you!” she said.

Gasping in indignation, but also laughing with relief not to be in trouble again, Ash and Emma stumbled slightly as they caught their breath.

“Anyway, dinner’s ready,” Miranda informed them. “So it’s good you’ve come down. Now, have a seat at the table. No, you can’t stand for your meal,” she added, as Ash opened her mouth to protest.

Soon, despite a couple of uncomfortable bottoms, all three women were chatting quite happily and laughing together, as they ate their meal and talked about various conversation topics.

Sometimes Emma regretted her decision to have moved in with Miranda, and cursed her luck to have ended up being housemates with Ash. But now, as she did more often, she was very very glad to have these friends in her life.


19 thoughts on “Ash Getting Me Into Trouble (sigh)

  1. I really liked Ash. She seems like a fun person. I really like the title “Emma Gets Distracted from Her Chores and Blames Ash.”🤔 I mean… Emma didn’t stay up all night. She could have gotten started on those chores.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmm, sounds like something Ash would say!


      1. Does it?🤔


      2. How did you get to be such a brat?


      3. That is strictly confidential. 😏

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That was an excellent story, lots and lots of spankng😉 I hope Emma writes more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Being the angel that I am though, I highly doubt I’ll ever get in trouble again. Ash, on the other hand… 😉


  3. I really enjoyed this, Emma. Y’all are too funny and how cool that y’all went to the same school. I do have to agree with Ash just a little bit with the fact that Emma could have started her chores without her. Haha. 😜

    I haven’t had the chance of seeing your blog before, so it looks like I’ve got some catching up to do reading your other stories on here. I’m looking forward to it! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😮 😮 😮 😮 I cannot BELIEVE you have taken Ash’s side in this! Unacceptable! I’m sure if you read it again you’ll see how everything was 100% Ash’s fault and poor Emma just got dragged into trouble as usual. Did you know Emma was a perfect angel before she met Ash?

      Ps. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 🙂


      1. How can it be MY fault? You wrote the darn thing!😏

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hmmmmm good point. But I was inspired by your brattiness!

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      3. Hahaha but I did read it twice. The fact that you’re saying it was 100% Ash’s fault seems like something a true, guilty brat would say. 😜 Also, the Sims is very important and shouldn’t be allowed to be used against a brat if they get caught up playing it all night! 😂

        P.s. I’m totally questioning that perfect angel status you claim to have had! LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Now, I would say that you and Ash ganging up on me like this counts as bullying. That’s it, I’m calling HR!


      5. Hmm… well I tried to call HR and it just goes straight to voicemail. The message says they’re not taking calls at this time and they’re not sure when they’ll be back in business. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😇

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      6. Now, just guessing here, but might you be a bit of a brat?


      7. *looks around* Who? Me? No way! I’m just a sweet, innocent angel. 😇

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      8. Thought so. Bet you’re as angelic as I am!!


      9. Exactly 😁

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