Hot Buns At The Baker’s

This is a F/F short spanking story that I wrote in real time in a group instant-message style chat. This isn’t the first time I’ve written a story in this way. I also wrote Princess Andrea and Her Fairy Godmother and A Ridiculous Short Story in this manner.

Steph is a spanko-switch friend of mine who lives a little over an hour from me, with her partner Dani. She is also mommy (the kinky kind) to another friend of ours, Cam. Unfortunately, I am unable to visit due to the pandemic, so I decided to write this story (and post it with their permission) about paying a visit! All events are of course fictional. Though it’s been suggested this story might be predicting some future events…

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Emma who lived in a lovely little town. It had cobbled streets and people selling vegetables and also, there was a big castle on the hill!

One day, Emma decided to bunk off school and catch a lift on the back of a hay wagon that was going down the road. She rode it all the way to another little town!

By the time she got there she was well rested (as she’d had a nap in the hay) but very hungry and thirsty. Hay is no good for eating or drinking!

So she marched boldly up to the first house she saw, which was lived in by a baker called Steph. The smell of cakes and buns and tea was what had drawn Emma to the house!

She pounded on the door. “Anyone in?! I’m hungry!!!!”

Steph opened the door and was quite surprised to find a girl there, covered from head to toe in hay! Bits of hay were sticking out of her shirt and her socks and her hair and everything!

“Oh dear, you had better come in!” Steph said.

But Emma has already walked right into the kitchen before she could hardly even be invited. She was opening cupboards and putting her grubby fingers all over things.

“Can I have one of these?” she asked, taking a bite out of a sweet bun without waiting for an answer. “Ish goofd” she mumbled, with her mouth full.

Steph frowned and put her hands on her hips as she faced the rather rude girl who was now helping herself to a large swig from a cup of tea that Steph had made for herself not long ago.

“You know,” she said, “It’s rather rude to just invite yourself into other people’s homes and help yourself to their food without being asked.”

But Emma wasn’t listening. She was peeking in the oven to find out what was cooking in there.

She was too busy smelling the baking cookies to notice Steph scooping up a long handled wooden cooking spoon and advancing on her in rather a determined way…

A few squeals and a dropped bun later, Emma found herself in the rather precarious position of being settled over Steph’s lap, as Steph took a seat on a sturdy wooden chair in the middle of the kitchen.

Emma’s hay-covered dress was flipped up, and her knickers came down, and then the spoon came down too, CRACK across her pale butt cheeks.

Soon, they weren’t pale at all, but pink, and then red, as Steph laid into her with the spoon, and scolded her for her rude and thoughtless behaviour.

At first, Emma was indignant, but her tone quickly became apologetic, and then rather frantic as she kicked and bucked and squealed over Steph’s knees. Her apologies began to run together as she scrambled for escape, but then finally she relaxed and accepted the rest of her spanking.

By the time Steph sat her upright, she was a slightly tearful and very sorry girl indeed!

“I didn’t mean to be so rude,” she sniffed. “The cakes just smelled so good…”

“Of course I’m happy to give you tea and cake!” Steph said. “But let’s sit and the table in a civilised manner, and be polite about it, shall we?”

“I don’t think I want to sit at all right now” Emma said a little ruefully.

But, with the aid of a comfy pillow, Emma was soon seated comfortably-ish, and they were also joined by Dani and Cam for the best tea party ever!

3 thoughts on “Hot Buns At The Baker’s

  1. Clearly I’ve read my kids too many Peppa Pig stories, because when I got to the final paragraph this story retroactively turned into one in my brain. 😂 Which is very entertaining but also disturbing.

    Liked by 2 people

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