Nicola and Hattie: Chapter 14

This is a F/F spanking discipline story which depicts a couple in a relationship with a consensual discipline arrangement that is already in place before the start of the series.

This is Chapter 14

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So… I haven’t posted a Nicki and Hattie chapter in ages! And I actually wrote this one ages ago; back in the summer, in fact! (I… actually have written up to the end of Chapter 28 back in September for this series but have somehow forgotten to keep posting them!).

Anyway, some embarrassment in posting this chapter as I was obviously in some sort of… particular mood when I wrote it.

Additional disclaimer: This chapter is more sexual in the descriptions etc than most of my other writing. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, honestly, but apparently I was in the mood to write this back in August last year. I’m kinda embarrassed to share tbh, but here we go…

Hearing footsteps on the stairs as she sat on the bed, Hattie grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it, unable to stop giggling nervously. When Nicola had left her computer unlocked while using the toilet, Hattie had quickly changed her desktop background to the one of the first results she’d found on google image search after typing ‘kinky spanking art’ into the search bar. Then, she’d fled up to the bedroom.

She peeked up guiltily from her pillow to see Nicola in the doorway, looking at her with a mix between amusement and not-quite-serious disapproval. Nicola was particularly entertained to find Hattie in only her bra and knickers; clearly she knew what the result of her prank would be, and had prepared for it.

“You’re such a naughty girl,” Nicola said, advancing towards the bed as Hattie blushed and buried her face back in the pillow, trying to smother her giggles.

Hattie felt the mattress shift as Nicola climbed on, and then she was scrambling to get away as Nicola forced her onto her back and sat on top of her, easily pinning her on the bed. The pillow was pulled from her grip and flung out of reach. “No more hiding for you, little girl,” Nicola told her, prodding her in the stomach and making her squeak and blush even more deeply than before. “You’re in big trouble!”

“I don’t know what you mean!” Hattie protested with a bit of a whine in her voice, trying to twist away from Nicola’s prodding fingers after failing to throw her girlfriend off her. “I haven’t done anything!”

“No?” Nicola asked, raising her eyebrows. “Perhaps you’ll remember what you’ve done after I give you a good tickling!”

“But it was a spanking picture,” Hattie complained rather shrilly, unable to stop laughing and fighting as Nicola continued to poke her in the stomach. In truth, she’d had a strong suspicion her prank would result in a good deal of tickling as well as a spanking, as tickling was usually Nicola’s initial response to playful bratting or attention seeking behaviour.

 Hattie was a quite embarrassed to admit she enjoyed such attention though, and didn’t like to be seen as asking for it, and therefore preferred to deny it was something she might have been hoping for or expecting as part of Nicola’s response. 

“Oh, so you know about the picture then?” Nicola asked, sticking her finger in Hattie’s belly button and wiggling it about as she spoke. She was quite delighted by the reaction; she loved to make Hattie squirm like this. “Do you perhaps know how it got there?”

Hattie might have pouted here, but that was impossible to do while in near-hysterics, and struggling frantically under the very ticklish attentions of her girlfriend. “Ok, it was me!” Hattie confessed. “But it was a spanking picture,” she protested again. “Not ticklin—ah! No-o!”

Now, she descended into silent laugher as Nicola tickled her deeply with both hands, squeezing and manipulating her ribs for a short but rather agonising period of time. Then, she stuck her finger back in Hattie’s belly button in response to a squeal.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your spanking, you naughty little girl. But you had a bit of fun with my desktop background, and now I’d like to have a bit of fun with you.” She grinned rather wickedly down at her girlfriend, enjoying watching her frantic but hopeless struggle to escape. “Oh yes, I’m going to have fun tickling you in all your most ticklish spots, but where should I start?”

All this time, she still had her finger in Hattie’s belly button, and Hattie continued to flop about and flail helplessly beneath her.

“I’ll need an answer,” Nicola said, when all Hattie could do was continue to laugh and wriggle. “Where would you like me to tickle you? Be specific, or else it’s just going to be your armpits the whole time.”

No!” Hattie shrieked. That was the most unbearable place for her to get tickled. But everything else she could think of seemed like a terrible idea to say as well. It didn’t help that she knew Nicola would make whatever she chose to be an unbearable option to endure.

“Where then?” Nicola asked, with a wicked grin, knowing full well of another part to her girlfriend’s internal struggle. Hattie couldn’t bear to ask Nicola to tickle her; even under duress. And naming the place to be tickled next fell under the category of asking for it in her head.  

“Please, Nicki!” She tried again to throw her girlfriend off, but Nicola could not be shifted.

“Oh, it’s like that then is it? I think you want your armpits tickled,” Nicola teased her. “All right then, you’ve got your wish.”

“No no no! Anywhere else! Nicki, please!” Hattie squealed, as Nicola pulled Hattie’s arms up over her head and then manoeuvred until she was able to trap them in place under one of her legs. She was flexible, and had had plenty of experience in pinning her girlfriend effectively for tickling.

“And yet you still haven’t given me any specific answer,” Nicola told her, as she finished getting her into a good position with her armpits exposed. “And now it’s too late. I’ll just have to tickle your armpits for you.” With that, she set about doing just that. “For a long time,” she added, as Hattie squealed.

Hattie wiggled and fought desperately, but there really was no getting out of this one. “I can’t take it!” she gasped.

“Well that’s tough luck,” Nicola told her unsympathetically and without stopping. “You asked for it, and now you’ll just have to take your tickles.”

Hattie’s expression was a pleading one, but she hadn’t used her safe word, and Nicola knew she craved this torture, as much as she couldn’t bear it.

Soon, Hattie descended helplessly into rather frantic laughter as Nicola tortured her armpits; unable even to beg for a reprieve.  

Finally, Nicola reduced her attack to just a light tickle one-fingered tickle in one of Hattie’s armpits, as her girlfriend continued to bubble over with laughter.

“Where would you like to be tickled next?” Nicola asked now, with a slightly evil grin.

“Please, anywhere! Except…  armpits!” Hattie was still straining for escape as she gasped her answer around squeals and giggles.

“Armpits?” Nicola asked, pretending to misunderstand as she continued her relentlessly though still with only one finger in each armpit. “Did you say armpits again?”


“Where then?”

“Anywhere else!”

“Anywhere?” Nicola asked her innocently, raising her eyebrows a little.

“Anywhere!” Hattie confirmed with some desperation. 

Now Nicola’s grin was a very evil one. She began to tickle Hattie’s nipples through her bra.

Hattie’s squeal in response was very indignant.  

“Ooh, I think you like this; your nipples have gone quite erect,” Nicola teased her, much to Hattie’s mortification. “Oh, you naughty girl. You like being tickled in naughty places, don’t you?”

“Nick-ki!” Hattie complained rather breathlessly.

“Do you deny it?”

Hattie didn’t answer, but turned somehow even redder than she already was as she continued giggle and strain in Nicola’s grip in response to the sensations her girlfriend was causing.

“Say you’re a ticklish little girl,” Nicola said now, pulling Hattie’s bra up so it no longer stood between her fingers and Hattie’s breasts. Now when she continued, Hattie arched her back in response.

“Nicki-i,” Hattie managed to whine.  Nicola’s fingers were merciless and it was driving her crazy.

“Say it or I’ll tickle your armpits again.”

“I’maticklishlittlegirl!” Hattie gasped out.

“Say you’re a naughty little girl who deserves to be punished.”


“Yes?” Nicola said sweetly.

As Nicola’s fingers began to creep towards her underarms, Hattie managed to stammer out the requested phrase, blushing furiously as she did so. It was that particular word ‘naughty’ that she always got stuck on. She was mortified to hear Nicola use it, and couldn’t bear to say it herself.   

“Yes you are,” Nicola agreed, playing with Hattie’s nipples again. “Tut tut, I’ll have to punish you for being so naughty,” Nicola teased further. Then, she stopped abruptly, and Hattie moaned before she could stop herself. Now, she was desperate for Nicola to continue, but too embarrassed in that moment to say so. “Time for your spanking,” Nicola announced.

Perhaps out of habit, Hattie groaned. It was true she had definitely been trying to provoke exactly this response from Nicola when she gave her the silly desktop background, but with the consequence now imminent, she couldn’t help regretting her decision slightly.

But it was too late for any regrets now. Nicola was already pulling her up from the bed, and then over her lap as she sat on the edge of it. Hattie had managed to slip out of her bra completely as the tickling had ended, though she still wore her knickers. Still, that wasn’t much and she was feeling incredibly vulnerable now to be all but naked over Nicola’s lap, and still panting slightly from the tickling.

“You just can’t help squirming about over my lap, can you?” Nicola teased as Hattie did just that. And to hear Nicola say it aloud, it only made her squirm all the more.

Nicola gave her a few sharp smacks over her knickers, and felt her girlfriend settle down a bit. But then she decided to give her something to wiggle about. She put more strength behind each swat, but spanked slowly. Each time she landed another smack, she kept her hand on Hattie’s bottom for a moment, and gave it a squeeze.

Ni-co-la!” Hattie complained, squirming and wiggling helplessly. Nicola answered only by using her other hand to gather up the material of Hattie’s knickers and hike them up into a wedgie. Then, she continued her slow spanking, and squeezing of Hattie’s buttocks.

“Is this turning you on?”

“Noo, Nicki!

Nicola was right, but Hattie was too mortified to admit it. Blushing crimson, she could do nothing but continue to wriggle; feeling her girlfriend’s thighs pressing against her stomach. Then, suddenly she squealed, and her legs were in motion again as she began to struggle.

Holding tight onto Hattie’s knickers and yanking up so hard she was almost lifting her slightly by them, Nicola had slipped a hand between Hattie’s legs and begun lightly tickling her private area.

Hattie wiggled desperately for a moment, and then Nicola felt her trying to shift her position so she could push harder against her hand. However, Nicola had a firm grip on her by the knickers, and purposefully kept the tickling light. She grinned as Hattie growled in frustration, even among the squealing giggles she couldn’t help releasing in response to the light tickles.

“Oh, you’re so cute when you’re frustrated,” Nicola told her.

Nickinicki not fair!” Hattie was panting a little, and sounding quite breathless.

“What’s not fair?” Nicola asked.

Hattie simply growled again, and tried once more to push herself harder into Nicola’s hand, but without success, and then Nicola pulled her hand away entirely as Hattie made another noise of frustration.

“Oh, you are naughty, aren’t you?” Nicola teased, knowing her words would be making Hattie blush furiously all over again. “Wanting to be tickled in naughty places like this. I’ll have to punish you for that.”

Then, the spanking suddenly resumed and Hattie squeaked in surprise at the strength Nicola was putting into it. She was soon wiggling again in earnest as Nicola rapidly began heating up her bottom.

“You really have been a brat tonight, haven’t you?” Nicola asked, pausing with her hand resting on Hattie’s bottom to give her girlfriend a chance to answer.

“Not as much a brat as you!” Hattie shot back, before she could stop herself.

Hattie didn’t need to see Nicola’s face to know she was getting The Look. She squirmed a little in anticipation. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Nicola asked her.

Nicola’s tone made Hattie’s stomach flip over, but she managed to reply rather poutily, “Teasing me.”

“Teasing you?” Nicola asked. “You mean like this?”

Suddenly Hattie was squealing again as Nicola resumed tickling her between the legs, over her private area. Again, it was an infuriatingly light tickling sensation, and Hattie couldn’t keep from fighting once more to push herself closer to Nicola’s hand.

“What do you want?” Nicola asked her.

“Harder,” Hattie gasped, losing her embarrassment in her frustration.

“Like this?” Nicola said. Suddenly, she was tickling much harder, and Hattie shrieked and flailed wildly as Nicola’s fingers scratch-scratched through her knickers. The ticklish sensation was unbearable.


“But this is what you asked for,” Nicola teased, delighted by Hattie’s reaction. “Looks like someone’s ticklish in a naughty spot.”

No! I… you…”

Unable to form a suitable response, Hattie simply gave in to a stream of frantic and rather desperate laughter, and Nicola was happy to continue to torture her for a while longer.

“Such a naughty ticklish girl,” Nicola teased. “And no escape, so you’ll just have to take your naughty tickles. And there are lots more naughty tickles to come.”

Hattie bucked and squealed again, and then managed to beg. “Please… please!”

But then the tickling stopped again and Hattie couldn’t help moaning once more in frustration.

“Now,” Nicola said, patting Hattie’s bottom. “I think you need a reminder of who is the brat around here, don’t you?”

The noise Hattie made in response to that was somewhere between a moan and a whimper.

“A proper answer, please,” Nicola said sharply.

“Yes ma’am,” Hattie said quickly, almost automatically. Then, she mentally kicked herself for her submissive state causing her to pop out that dooming response without even thinking about it.

“I thought so,” Nicola said, and Hattie didn’t miss that slight edge to her voice; the one that told her that her butt was about to be on fire. It was that same edge that Nicola’s tone would take when Hattie had crossed a line, though this time it was tinged with amusement, showing that Nicola was in a wickedly humorous mood, rather than a severe one. Still, that was never good news for Hattie’s bottom either.

And a moment later, Nicola’s hand indeed came down with a resounding smack, causing Hattie to yelp. The smacks continued to rain down; they came hard and fast, and Hattie’s feet gave small kicks as she wriggled and squirmed with renewed energy, knowing better than to reach back, but still trying desperately to somehow wiggle out of out of range of the onslaught of Nicola’s palm.

This, of course, was impossible, and as the heat inevitably grew in her backside to become a raging fire, Nicola appeared unsympathetic to the noises from her girlfriend which were beginning to sound a little pitiful. Only when Hattie’s bottom was truly glowing did she pause to admire her work.

Then, she spanked slower but still hard, alternating cheeks as she chatted quite conversationally to the woman over her knee.

“Your bottom really is quite a lovely shade of red, sweetie.” She held her hand against one of Hattie’s butt cheeks for a moment, and gave it a slight squeeze and then teased, “Oh, you’ve got a very hot bottom. Do you like that?”

Hattie’s embarrassed and slightly distressed moan was the answer she was looking for, and she happily resumed spanking her bottom for her for a short while longer, while Hattie tried her hardest to be good, though she couldn’t be still, and it took some willpower to bite back the type of response that she knew Nicola would call ‘sass’ and only use as an excuse to punish her further. 

When the spanking stopped, Nicola still had her hand gripping Hattie’s knickers, holding them wedged up her bum. But now she pulled them down, and helped Hattie up so she could step out of them.

“Get on the bed. I’m not done with you yet.”

Hattie did as she was told, and watched as Nicola quite hastily stripped off her own clothes before joining her partner intimately on the bed. This time, Hattie finally got the satisfaction she was hoping for.

It was a short time later when the two of them lay comfortably together in each other’s arms that Nicola finally sighed and sat up. “I really do have to do some work now,” she said. “I think you’ve distracted me long enough.”

“Aww,” Hattie pouted. Though she wanted to cling on to her girlfriend, she hung on only for a second before Nicola got up and started getting dressed.

But when Hattie went to put her own clothes back on, Nicola stopped her.

“No, I think you can come down as you are actually, Hattie,” she said, a mischievous look in her eye. “And you can stand in the corner, so you can think about your naughty little prank, and so I can admire your beautiful bottom as I work.” Her expression all but dared Hattie to try to defy her or protest; and Hattie knew such a protest would surely only result in her ending up following in the instruction anyway, but with a much redder and sorer bottom.

Nicola only laughed as Hattie blushed heavily and then followed the instruction obediently but for a reproachful look and a good deal of quiet pouting. 

Nicola smirked a little bit to herself as she sat back at her laptop again, and shook her head in amusement to see her new spanking-themed desktop background again, courtesy of Hattie. She glanced at Hattie’s rosy bottom in the corner, and made a mental note to turn it a much deeper shade of red once her work was done, but also to give her an awful lot of tickles and cuddles too, and show her how much she loved her.

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  1. Nicely done, very intimate, a wonderful relationship. You handled the intimacy very well!

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