Nicola and Hattie: Chapter 15

This is a F/F spanking discipline series which mainly depicts a couple in a relationship with a consensual discipline arrangement that is already in place before the start of the series.

However, this chapter and the few that follow it introduce and depict a new character. Please note that my story is fictional and how the characters may behave or arrange meetups (etc) is not necessarily in the way I think is best in a real-life situation. Though I do mention safety etc in the story, some elements of safety or negotiation are glossed over for the sake of plot-flow, etc. This is a story, not a guide for real life.

I also don’t necessarily love the idea of someone’s first real-life introduction to spanking being a ‘real discipline’ situation as in this and the following chapters – I’m not saying this should never happen under any circumstance. I do believe people have the right to consensually engage in whatever they want to engage in as long as they fully understand what they’re doing, the risks involved, etc. But I personally would not like a discipline situation in a first encounter.

So I think (like much of my writing) this falls under ‘what is hot in fantasy isn’t necessarily what I want in real-life or how I feel real-life dynamics should necessarily play out’.

This is Chapter 15

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Poppy shut her laptop as tears brimmed in her eyes. Normally, she might brush them away in frustration, but now she just let fall. Though it was several hours before she’d normally be ready to go to sleep, she went to her bed now, got under the covers, and lay there on her side, letting hot tears slide across her cheeks even after she closed her eyes.

Those who knew Poppy socially might find it hard to picture her crying. In public she showed a bright and cheerful persona; sometimes just a little too bright and cheerful, perhaps. A little scared to show vulnerability, she frequently put on an act of always being in a happy mood. With her online friends though, she let her real self come through a bit more, and allowed the people she knew from the spanking and discipline forum she frequented to know more about her thoughts and fears than she’d ever shared with anyone in ‘real life’.

With tightly curled brown hair, green eyes, and a slight build, her friends knew her as the bouncy one; the lively one; the one who was always up for another game, another drink, and another party. But inside she often felt shy and alone, and as though no one really knew or understood her.

Though she was 23, she still slept with a toy giraffe, Shorty; a name she’d found hilarious when she’d been given the toy as a child. Clinging tightly to Shorty now, she took a few slow breaths to prevent the sobs she knew wanted to come out, and then finally drifted into a restless sleep.

Disorientated some hours later, she blinked in confusion, as she felt a mild headache coming on from having slept with the light on. It was the early hours of the morning now, and she got up to switch out the light in her studio flat. She stripped off her clothes that she’d slept in earlier, and managed to put on a night shirt, and have a drink of water. Then, she got back into bed where the hours passed slowly.

She’d ruined everything now; she’d never be allowed back into the online community that meant everything to her, and this fact washed over her as she slipped once again into a disturbed and uncomfortable doze.

The next day, a little under seventy miles away, Nicola took a seat on the sofa, and crooked her finger at her girlfriend, Hattie.

Hattie’s stomach fluttered a little in trepidation; being beckoned in this way had this effect on her, and for good reason. Nicola often summoned her exactly like this when she was due for correction. However, in this case, Nicola’s body language and gesture was now indicating she wanted Hattie to sit on her lap, rather than lie across it, and Hattie gladly did so, and snuggled close into her girlfriend’s embrace.

It was so comfortable here, and she sighed as she rested her head against Nicola’s shoulder.

“I’ve just been speaking to Julia,” Nicola said. Hattie nodded a little. Julia was a good friend of theirs, who they’d met on a spanking and discipline internet forum, along with her rather bratty girlfriend, Millie. The two couples had become firm friends, and their forum friendship had evolved into a strong real-life connection.

“I take it you saw Poppy’s posts?” Nicola continued.

Hattie nodded again, and frowned. “I hope she’s ok.”

“Who, Poppy or Julia?”

“Both,” Hattie sighed again, and then nuzzled a little against her girlfriend as she thought about the events she’d witnessed on the forum recently.

Poppy, under the username PopTart, was a regular on the forum who could sometimes get a little carried away. Even Hattie had scolded her in fact, for being careless with sharing personal and identifying details about herself in a public instant chatroom. Lecturing was out of character for Hattie, but she had managed it then; sending Poppy a sternly worded email about the importance of online safety, and reminding her of the real possibility of people looking to take advantage of young women like her.

Poppy was young, often impressionable, and sometimes naïve. She frequently posted about her wish and need for a spanking relationship, but as she was single and not ‘out’ to anyone in her real life, this was not a type of attention she had yet ever managed to receive. She’d been on the forum for several years, and both Nicola and Hattie felt some affection towards her; she was a sweet girl. But she could also be a real nightmare when she got in a difficult mood.

Nicola’s palm often itched to read Poppy’s posts, and in fact, Hattie’s palm had been known to itch too, though she doubted she’d ever be able to spank anyone, even someone as bratty as Poppy. In the early days of her relationship with Nicola, they’d tried playfully switching a few times, but it had always just ended in a lot of awkward laughter, before Nicola took back control. Nicola was not easily submissive, and Hattie felt so awkward trying to be stern with her, even in play, that she just descended into a blushing giggling mess whenever she tried it.

A day ago, Poppy had ended up having some sort of altercation with a newer member, which had descended into name calling. The other woman had quickly retracted her statements when challenged by Julia in her capacity as moderator; taking some time to cool off, and then posting an apology, stating that she realised she’d let her temper get the better of her. Poppy, however, had turned her attack onto the Julia, accusing her of ‘taking sides’ against her when the post had been shut down. She’d written an angry post criticising Julia in multiple ways, from what she knew of her dynamic with Millie, to how she moderated the forum.

Finding her original post closed, she’d posted it as a new topic. Then, perhaps thinking the post would simply be taken down, she started new topic after new topic, copy and pasting the same text over and over again, and flooding the forum with new posts across different sub-forums; all of her same rant against Julia.

Unsurprisingly, her posting powers had quickly been revoked, but not before she’d managed to make her post quite a number of times by opening the forum in many different tabs, readying them, and posting in quick fire. That way, she maximised how many she could make before she could be stopped.

She was successful in what she’d intended to do; it took time to take them all down, and so she maximised the number of people who saw and read her post.

But then the rage-like possession that had gripped her as she’d carried out her multi-posting effort left her, and the reality of what it meant to be banned hit her. She’d built connections in this community over several years; these were people who truly understood a side of her that she could not bring herself to show offline. She felt closer to many of these people than she did to most of those she called her ‘friends’ in her regular life.

Now, she’d be cut off from this, and was alone; truly alone. She’d contacted Julie to apologise, and to beg for forgiveness. She’d even asked Julia to spank her, really spank her; something she was both desperate for, and mortified to be requesting. She’d asked to meet in person for it.

“You know I can’t do that, Poppy,” Julia had written back.

“Please,” Poppy had written back to her then, and more times than she’d like to admit. Then, she’d done exactly what Hattie had warned her against, and shared her exact location. She gave her home address to Julia and begged her to discipline her for her forum offences, and forgive her for them. She would do anything to not lose this community of friends, and to not lose Julia. Julia hadn’t replied, and Poppy had tried once again to load the forum, only to find she couldn’t access it as her IP was clearly blocked. That was the moment she’d shut her laptop and been consumed by tears.

After many hours of restless tossing and turning, Poppy had checked her emails again. Her heart leapt but in a slightly sickening way to see she’d had another reply from Julia.

The response confused her slightly. It told her that she was still suspended from the forum until further notice, but that she would not lose the community. Then, it said to await communication from Nicola, whom Poppy mainly knew by her username of TopHat.  

Back on Nicola and Hattie’s sofa, Nicola was relaying the conversation she’d had with Julia to her girlfriend, and telling her of Julia’s idea.

They lived much closer to Poppy than Julia did, and Poppy was clearly desperate for a very particular type of attention. She’d reached a breaking point and acted out in a way that seemed to be crying out for a reaction. They’d known Poppy long enough, and connected with her enough that it did not seem right to simply ban her from the forum entirely. But if this was not addressed, it would surely only be a matter of time before her online behaviour escalated; or before she did something reckless or dangerous to seek attention in real life.

Hattie cuddled close to her girlfriend as she listened; understanding, but grateful for the reassurance Nicola gave her both in her words and her touch, that it was Hattie who was the most important person in the world to her, even if she needed at this time to give a certain type of attention to another young woman.

And so, with Hattie peeking over her shoulder, Nicola wrote Poppy an email inviting her to meet them at a café nearby their home, and then come back to theirs for a chat.

On Saturday a week later, Poppy walked past the same café for perhaps the 5th time, trying subtly to peek in and see if she could spot the two people she was supposed to be meeting. She was nervous, she was excited, she was terrified, and she felt her dream was coming true. TopHat and BrattyHatty from the forum were almost like celebrities to her, in how she followed their posts, and their updates about their lifestyle and dynamic.

With a knot in her stomach, and fighting the urge to hyperventilate, she finally entered the café and tentatively approached the two women she immediately spotted sitting just far enough back that she hadn’t seen them through the window. She’d had an absolutely terrifying telephone call with Nicola several days before, and then exchanged a few Snap Chat videos with each of them, so she knew what to expect in terms of appearance when they met in person. These had been brief though, and Poppy felt she had not gained much from them in terms of getting a sense of what they were like in person.

Hattie had reminded her to set up a safe call for when they met up; it was good practice she said, and necessary when meeting anyone online for the first time. Someone Poppy trusted should know that she was meeting someone from the internet, she explained, and know when and where they planned to meet. She didn’t have to say the exact reason why, Hattie told her; she didn’t have to out herself. She could say she was just meeting someone from a vanilla dating app, perhaps.  

Nicola and Hattie were safer in a couple, but they’d also still established a safe-call set up with Julia on the off-chance that Poppy was not who she said she was.

But Poppy had panicked over who to ask, and finally lied told Hattie she’d asked ‘a friend’ to be her safe call, while in truth telling no one of her meeting.

Now, she felt herself automatically relax very slightly, as Nicola gave her such a reassuringly friendly smile that it was momentarily impossible to picture her as the stern and imposing Top she’d always imagined, from reading the couple’s online updates. Nicola’s dark brown eyes seemed entirely warm and friendly, and her dark brown hair was kept in a messy bun that didn’t quite add up to the strict image Hattie’s forum posts seemed to paint of her.

Meanwhile, Hattie’s slightly cheeky grin and freckled face was exactly what Poppy had always envisioned. Her hazel eyes danced, and strands of fine reddish blonde hair drifted in front of her eyes from a puff of air from somewhere; possibly the café door.

Both looked to be in their 30s or so, which added up with what Poppy knew of the couple, though it still sort of surprised her somehow when she looked at Hattie. Poppy had always pictured Hattie to be closer to her own age, even though she technically knew both women had about a decade on her.   

“Have a seat, I’ll get you a drink,” Hattie said, getting to her feet. “What would you like?”

“Oh uh, no it’s ok, I mean, um….” Poppy stammered, cursing herself for being, well, star struck was the only word for it.

Nicola’s eyes were dancing too now, clearly entertained by Poppy’s nervousness. “Let her get you something,” she advised. “Otherwise she’ll start pouting and then I’ll have two naughty girls to deal with.”

Poppy blanched, and then blushed heavily. She glanced around quickly, to see if anyone had overheard, but the café was spacious and not especially busy. There was no-one near them. Finally she just managed, “Er… a tea… please.” And then sat down quickly at the table, heart pounding, and unable to meet Nicola’s eyes.

“On it,” Hattie said with another grin, before turning and approaching the counter with a slight skip in her step. It was fascinating and quite entertaining to finally meet Poppy in person, she thought. Though she had some sympathy for her for her nerves, she couldn’t help delighting very slightly in the effect Nicola was clearly having on her.

The type of relationship she shared with her girlfriend was something they were private about in most parts of her life, and Nicola’s demeanour outside of the disciplinary relationship she shared with Hattie was usually quite open and friendly.  Most people did not know her as a Top, and most people warmed to her quickly, and were put at ease by her.

The look, the tone, those raised eyebrows, and everything else about Nicola that could make Hattie blush and squirm were usually directed at her alone, and known only to her, except for what she described online on the forum. Few people who knew Nicola in person knew of how her palm could be like steel, and how her tone could be like ice. But Poppy knew of her first and foremost as a Top. To see Nicola have such an effect on another person, even if she was still in her friendly mode, was strangely exciting, and oddly affirming.

As for Poppy, Hattie has always thought she came across as quite a sweet person online; at least when she wasn’t playing up too hard for attention. She seemed young and naïve, and reminded Hattie of herself not so many years ago, when she’d been in her early 20s and trying online dating. She’d added ‘OTK’ to her profile under ‘interests’, not even entirely sure herself if she was doing so as a joke. Nicola had asked the meaning of this after they’d exchanged a few messages, and when Hattie had tentatively explained, Nicola had simply responded, “I could do that.”

Meanwhile, Poppy was panicking. Here she was, sitting opposite TopHat – no, Nicola was her real name. She was sitting opposite Nicola, who was basically one of her heroes, and she had no idea what to do or say. And she also knew she was in trouble. Or at least, she was going to be.

She recalled the email she’d had from Nicola a week ago, about how Julia had indicated Poppy had asked for some real-life correction, and was seeking to be forgiven for her behaviour on the forum. Nicola had written to say she would be willing to arrange such a meeting, and provide discipline, if Poppy was serious that that was what she wanted. She had assured her that if she was not comfortable with this, she would still have the online community there for her. The ban was not permanent, even if Poppy did not wish to meet, but they would still need to discuss appropriate posting etiquette before her access could be reinstated

But Poppy had jumped on the chance offered to her for a meeting with Nicola. However, now, feeling Nicola’s eyes locked on her across the table, she felt as though she had a rock in the pit of her stomach. Without even knowing she was doing it, she squirmed.

Nicola watched the younger woman with some interest. She couldn’t help feeling a little wicked satisfaction to see Poppy squirm in her presence as she sat at the table, and she would certainly take great satisfaction to make her squirm and wiggle a great deal more later on. Later, Poppy would no doubt be kicking and promising to behave over her knee. But now, this wouldn’t do. She needed to put Poppy at ease, and not have her staring down at her own lap for the whole meeting as she was now, unable even to look up across the table.

And so Nicola began with some gentle probing questions about Poppy’s week, and what was going on in her life. Hattie soon returned with a tea for Poppy, a latte for Nicola, and a blended iced coffee drink for herself, and Nicola was glad for her return; she helped keep the conversation flowing, and soon Poppy’s body language and expressions opened up and relaxed as she warmed to the pair of them, and began to talk more easily and freely. She began to seem more like the sweet girl they knew from the forum, and they caught up on various things they knew about each other’s lives, and some things they didn’t.

But finally, their drinks were finished, and Nicola took the opportunity of a lull in the conversation to meet Poppy’s eyes fully before saying, “I think we’re all finished here. Come on, I think you and I need to go and have a discussion.”

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