Nicola and Hattie: Chapter 16

This is a F/F spanking discipline series which mainly depicts a couple in a relationship with a consensual discipline arrangement that is already in place before the start of the series.

This chapter closely follows the previous one in what I am now thinking of in my head as the Poppy Story-Arc and this story arc comes with this additional disclaimery text:

Please note that my story is fictional and how the characters behave (etc) is not necessarily in the way I think is best in a real-life situation. Though I do mention safety, safewords, etc in the story (especially as I enjoy the light-awkwardness of these types of conversations), some elements of safety or negotiation are glossed over for the sake of plot-flow, etc. This is a story, not a guide for real life.

I also don’t necessarily love the idea of someone’s first real-life introduction to spanking being a ‘real discipline’ situation as in this and the other chapters in this arc – I’m not saying this should never happen under any circumstance. I do believe people have the right to consensually engage in whatever they want to engage in as long as they fully understand what they’re doing, the risks involved, etc. But I personally would not like a discipline situation in a first encounter, especially a scene as harsh as what I’ve written here….

So I think (like much of my writing) this falls under ‘what is hot in fantasy isn’t necessarily what I want in real-life or how I feel real-life dynamics should necessarily play out’.


This is Chapter 16

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“You understand what a safe word is?”

“Um…” Poppy blushed deeply and looked down at her lap. She was seated on the sofa beside Nicola, and feeling very awkward about it.

She couldn’t believe she was really in Nicola and Hattie’s house. Everything was feeling a little bit surreal. Hattie was also in the room with them, on a comfortable chair, and trying hard not to get a case of the nervous giggles. 

Poppy’s eyes couldn’t stop occasionally being drawn to the hairbrush that sat on the sofa too, on the other side of Nicola. She’d read enough posts on the forum from Hattie to be wary of it, though she also couldn’t help feeling a bit of relief to not be looking at the bath brush she’d also heard so much about. Nicola’s bath brush was infamous on the forum.

“It’s ok if you’re unsure,” Nicola said gently. “I can explain it to you.”

“No, I understand,” Poppy said quickly, her voice coming out as a squeak. “I… yes, I know what it’s for and… stuff.”

“Ok, then do you have one? This would be a good time to let me know what your safe word is.”

“Oh… uh… um… well, I never thought about it,” Poppy admitted.

“How about ‘red light’,” Nicola suggested, resisting the urge to smile. Poppy was cute. Not cute in a way that made Nicola feel attracted to her necessarily. Just… cute. “It’s easy to say, easy to remember. Hattie uses it.”

“Ok,” Poppy agreed.

“And speaking of safety, have you contacted your friend for your safe call at all since our meeting?”

Hattie had texted Julia several times to let them know all was well, but neither of them had been aware of Poppy either contacting anyone, or being away from them for long enough to have done so without them noticing. Instead of answering, Poppy just continued to look down at her lap in embarrassed silence.

Did you set up a safe call?” Nicola asked, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

No answer again.

“Poppy, look at me. I’d like an answer please.”

After a moment, Poppy looked up and met Nicola’s eyes. “No, but… I knew it was safe to meet you.”

“Oh, Poppy!” Hattie exclaimed, but fell silent when Nicola shot her a look.

“How did you know that?” Nicola asked the younger woman.

“I just knew, ok?”

She spoke with what sounded like heavy attitude, but Nicola recognised the same defensive tone she often heard from Hattie. It happened when she was feeling guilty and called out for something, and was embarrassed over it.

“No, you did not ‘just know’” Nicola told her sternly. “You’re lucky we’re who we said we are; or perhaps unlucky in your case, as once I’m through with you I can assure you, you won’t be sitting comfortably for some time. People on the internet can be clever, and there are people who will try to trick you. You can never be too careful, and you should always have a safe call in place if you’re meeting someone for the first time. Internet safety is something you clearly need to go over, and I will pick this conversation up with you further another time where we can make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger.”

The scolding tone was too much for Poppy. She blushed heavily and squirmed at the words ‘sitting comfortably’ and as Nicola finished speaking, her defiant and defensive shield flared up again, and she crossed her arms rather sulkily, slouching back on the sofa. She hated that Nicola made her feel as though she was stupid and naïve.


Hattie gasped a little, and exchanged a quick look with Nicola that showed her girlfriend was thinking the exact same thing as her. Nicola did not use soap for discipline very often, but saying ‘whatever’ with the tone and attitude that Poppy had just managed was the surest and quickest way to get a mouth full of the stuff. This was a fact Nicola was now telling a wide-eyed Poppy quite calmly, and Hattie was unsurprised to hear her receive a hastily stammered and slightly flustered apology in response.

“This is your warning then,” Nicola said evenly. “I will not tolerate attitude from you, and while we’re on the topic of soap, you should know I won’t tolerate swearing either. You’re here for a spanking, but I’m happy to soap your mouth for you too if need be. Now, I think it’s time we addressed your recent behaviour, don’t you? As this is your first spanking, and also the first time you have met me in person, I’m going to offer you a choice now; would you prefer to have this discussion with me alone? Or would you feel more comfortable if Hattie stays.”

For a moment, Poppy felt in turmoil.  Just hearing her say the word ‘spanking’ sent chills through her, and made her stomach turn over. Talking to Nicola was much harder now that they were back at her home rather than the café, where she’d seemed much more approachable somehow. Hattie’s presence was strangely reassuring; it helped to somehow lessen how intimidated she felt to be talking to Nicola. On the other hand, to have an onlooker as she was spanked sounded mortifying. Finally, she just squeaked, “alone, please.”

Hattie slipped out of the room without being further told, and made herself scarce upstairs. Meanwhile, Poppy was trying but failing to resist shrinking back under the rather scrutinizing look Nicola was now giving her.

After a pause, Nicola spoke to her in a steady voice. “You understand what’s going to happen here?” Poppy nodded. “And you understand what your safe-word is when know you can use it if you need to?” Poppy swallowed nervously, and nodded again. “Then, let’s begin,” Nicola said decisively. “I always spank Hattie on the bare, and I will do the same for you. However, I will allow you to remove your own trousers and underwear.” When Poppy didn’t immediately move, Nicola added with raised eyebrows, “unless you need me to do this for you?”

“No! I mean, no ma’am,” Poppy said hastily, getting to her feet and taking hold of her trousers at the waist. However, she hesitated there and blushed profusely. Her heart was racing slightly and she couldn’t quite bring herself to pull her pants down in front of Nicola. It was like there was a mental block.

After a further pause, Nicola hooked a finger in Poppy’s waistband and gently pulled her a little closer. Then, she unbuttoned and lowered her trousers and underwear for her as Poppy shifted and fidgeted, openly cringing as her face continued to somehow heat up even further from the embarrassment of it.

If it were Hattie making such a fuss, Nicola might have scolded her for it, required her to put her hands on her head, and dragged it out longer on purpose, but for Poppy, she understood this was new and difficult for her, and so she removed her trousers and underwear with a gentle efficiency, lowering them to her ankles and indicating she should step out of them, before taking her arm and guiding her until she was lying across her lap. This seemed to take Poppy by surprise, and she squealed a little as she went over, and then wiggled once there, her legs already kicking a little in the air. Feeling unbalanced, she clutched Nicola’s ankle, and flushed from further embarrassment as she did so.

“Ok, settle down,” Nicola said, putting a hand on Poppy’s back. “It will help if you can relax.” She kept her voice still quite gentle for now, knowing this was a first-time experience for the girl across her lap.

But Poppy couldn’t relax; if anything, she only squirmed more. She felt hyper aware of her bottom being bare, and of the cool air passing over it, and of the view Nicola surely had. She felt Nicola’s thighs pressing into her stomach, and she felt as though she had never been so vulnerable in her life. Suddenly, she gasped and yelped in surprise as two quite stingy swats landed on her bottom, one on each cheek.

“Be still,” Nicola ordered sharply, switching tactics from her more gentle approach. And with the swats and that tone, Poppy finally managed to do so. Though, she did remain a little rigid rather than relaxed as Nicola had advised.  “Now, Poppy,” Nicola’s voice was measured again; stern but not overly so. “Would you like to tell me why you’re here?”

“Um, not really,” Poppy mumbled. “OW!” Her head snapped up in surprise. Nicola’s palm had come down hard.

“It is my suggestion,” Nicola said, smacking her hard a second time in response to yelp and a small whimper, “That when you are in this position with me, you answer me properly.” She landed several more hard smacks here. “Are you going to cooperate now?” She rested her hand against Poppy’s bottom, which made the younger woman squirm once again.

“Yes,” Poppy said miserably.

“Yes what?”

“Yes… um….”

“’Yes Nicola’ or ‘Yes ma’am’ will do. Whichever you’re comfortable with.”

“Yes ma’am,” Poppy managed very quietly, and still tinged with a little resentment.

“Good. Then you can tell me why you’re here.”

“I got banned on the forum.”

“And why was that?”

“Julia hates me,” Poppy said bitterly, before she could stop herself. But then she was kicking, yelping, and scrambling uselessly for escape as Nicola’s hand came down hard, and repeatedly.

This was no small handful of smacks this time; Nicola continued the onslaught of Poppy’s bottom as she lectured sternly, gradually covering every inch of the backside in front of her.

“We’re not here to play games, Poppy. Your behaviour online goes further than ‘bratting’; it was downright hurtful. Yes, I saw the original post and subsequent thread where this started, and I think you know your language and behaviour was out of line. When Julia tried to mediate, you were rude to her directly, and then your little duplicate-posting spree attacking her was well and truly over the line. You need to remember there are real people on the receiving end of what you post, with real feelings. And I think you can see now, that there can be real consequences for your actions.”

“Yes! Yes, OW, I know! Ah! Nicola, I’m sorry! Ow, ow, it hurts! Ah! Ow!”

Despite the seriousness of the lecture she’d just given, Nicola felt a distant amusement at Poppy’s reaction to the spanking, and she couldn’t help feeling a good deal of satisfaction as the girl wriggled and kicked over her lap. Knowing it was Poppy’s first spanking, Nicola was holding back in the way she delivered her smacks, and there was not the same force behind them that she would normally have used when disciplining Hattie. Though she spanked firmly, she was careful not to overdo it.

Poppy knew nothing of this, however. As far as she was concerned, this was far more painful that she had anticipated. She had fantasised about spankings for as long as she could remember. She imagined the scenes of them over and over again; what the Top would say, and the implement used. Where they’d be, and what she’d wear. She even thought she’d imagined how much it hurt. But she now realised she’d been imagining it entirely wrong. This really hurt! How Nicola’s palm could be so solid, she could not even fathom.

“Good, it’s supposed to hurt,” Nicola was telling her now as she continued to deliver a sound spanking. “Perhaps it will serve as a good reminder for you to think about your behaviour in the future, both on the forum, and how you behave over my lap when I expect you to answer my questions seriously.”

“Yes! I will, Nicola, sorry, please, it hurts! Wait wait wait! Ow! I’m sorry!”

Throwing her hand back to try and block the next swat, Poppy only found it caught and pinned.

“Yes, you will be very sorry indeed,” Nicola informed her, landing a few blistering smacks on Poppy’s sit spots in response to increasingly miserable noises. “But I don’t think you’re quite there yet. You were just begging for a bit of attention, and now you’ve got it, I think you might find you’d like to discover better ways of gaining attention when you need it.”

“Yes, I will!” Poppy agreed urgently.

Her kicking had become so wild that Nicola paused to shift her onto one knee, and threw one of her own legs over Poppy’s, effectively pinning them. Then, she targeted the backs of Poppy’s thighs.

“Ow! Please! That hurts!”

“Yes, we’ve established that,” Nicola said dryly as she continued to make Poppy’s backside glow. Though she didn’t display it in her voice, she once again felt quite amused at Poppy’s reaction to this spanking. It also reminded her a little of Hattie from earlier on in their relationship. Hattie could still sometimes kick up quite a fuss during discipline, but she had mostly learned that it got her nowhere, and had toned down her reactions and protests over the years. “We’ve got a way to go yet, little girl,” Nicola said, as Poppy tried without success to wiggle free of her hold on her. “Perhaps you might like to think about how you ended up here, and how you’ll do better in the future.”

“I will!” Poppy promised earnestly. Then, with her bottom on fire as smacks continued to rain down, her voice finally cracked and she exclaimed, “Ok! Ok, I’m sorry! I’m sorry Nicola, I’m a jerk! I know I’m a jerk!” And then, she broke down crying.

“All right, shh,” Nicola said, switching at once to rubbing Poppy’s back comfortingly, though she didn’t relieve her of the position she was still being held in quite firmly. “You’re not a jerk,” she soothed, as Poppy sobbed quietly. “You’re young, and you make mistakes, and yes, your behaviour recently has been thoughtless. But you’re a good girl, Poppy. I know that, and you know that. You’re a sweet girl, who usually has interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful things to say.”

With a few shuddering breaths, Poppy got control of herself again, and fell quiet, though tears still tracked down her face. She was no longer trying to wiggle or escape.

“There, good girl. Are you ok?” Nicola asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Poppy replied softly.

“Ok, well we’re not quite finished here,” Nicola said, a touch of sternness back in her voice. “As I said, you made a mistake, and you have behaved thoughtlessly, and unkindly.”

“I know,” Poppy agreed sadly. “I am sorry.”

“Well, it’s no use telling me that is it? I think you’d better make sure Julia knows, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I will,” Poppy said earnestly. “I’ll write her an email to apologise. I mean, a proper one.” She flushed a little with her own guilt as she thought of the emails she’d sent to Julia in the wake of being banned from the forum. None had been particularly apologetic or repentant in tone, and had focused mainly on begging Julia to revoke the ban. She’d been entirely focused on her own feelings, and now she felt selfish for it.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Nicola agreed. “Now, I’m going to spank you with the hairbrush. As I said before, it will help if you can relax. I know you’ve not been spanked with the hairbrush before, so I will make it brief. Then, you can stand in the corner for me, and perhaps think about what you’re going to say in your email to Julia. Then, this this will be over, and you’ll be in my good books again. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Poppy said, feeling encouraged by Nicola’s words, even as she couldn’t help wincing from the thought of the hairbrush coming down on her incredibly sore and swollen feeling bottom. She felt her stomach knot as Nicola picked up the hairbrush, and tensed her body. . .

[Sorry (not sorry) for the 2nd naughty cliff hanger!!! Pinky promise to update soon!]

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