Nicola and Hattie: Chapter 17

This is a F/F spanking discipline series which mainly depicts a couple in a relationship with a consensual discipline arrangement that is already in place before the start of the series.

However… This chapter closely follows the previous one in what I am now thinking of in my head as the Poppy Story-Arc and this story arc comes with this additional disclaimery text:

Please note that my story is fictional and how the characters behave (etc) is not necessarily in the way I think is best in a real-life situation. Though I do mention safety, safewords, etc in the story (especially as I enjoy the light-awkwardness of these types of conversations), some elements of safety or negotiation are glossed over for the sake of plot-flow, etc. This is a story, not a guide for real life.

I also don’t necessarily love the idea of someone’s first real-life introduction to spanking being a ‘real discipline’ situation as in this and the other chapters in this arc – I’m not saying this should never happen under any circumstance. I do believe people have the right to consensually engage in whatever they want to engage in as long as they fully understand what they’re doing, the risks involved, etc. But I personally would not like a discipline situation in a first encounter, especially a scene as harsh as what I’ve written here….

So I think (like much of my writing) this falls under ‘what is hot in fantasy isn’t necessarily what I want in real-life or how I feel real-life dynamics should necessarily play out’.


This is Chapter 17

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“What did I just say?” Nicola chided gently, tapping her bottom with the hairbrush. Even the tap felt stingy after the treatment it had already received.

“Um…” Poppy felt herself panicking slightly, unsure what answer Nicola was looking for.

“It will help if you can relax,” Nicola repeated, her voice patient but tinged with faint amusement.

“I’m trying,” Poppy squeaked.

Nicola waited a few more seconds, and then felt Poppy’s body relax again over her lap. The moment it did, she brought the brush down with an almighty crack.

Poppy gasped from the shock of the impact, and then cried out. Then, she renewed her struggle and continued to voice her pain as Nicola held her firmly in place to deliver a short series of hard and fast swats to re-cover every inch of her backside. Whatever Poppy had read of Hattie’s forum posts, read elsewhere online, or imagined in her own head, she had not anticipated quite how much a hairbrush could feel as though she was being branded with molten iron.

She cried and strained for escape but was held firmly in place by Nicola. However, as had been promised, it was brief, and before she knew it, she suddenly found herself upright, hissing in pain as he bottom contacted Nicola’s thighs, and in the other woman’s arms as she was comforted.

She buried herself into the embrace, tearfully mumbling a series of ‘sorry’s and ‘thankyou’s as Nicola continued to sooth her. She hiccupped a couple times, and thought she felt Nicola laugh.

“Well done, good girl,” Nicola told her gently. “Now, are you ready to stand in the corner for me?” Poppy nodded her head against her. “Good, then you can think about your recent behaviour, and how you’ll avoid a repeat of it.” Then, her voice took on a sterner note, though it was not unkind, “And you can remember that if you give me reason to put you back over my lap in the future, I will be a lot more thorough with that hairbrush. All right.”

She helped Poppy to her feet then, and taking the still sniffling younger woman by the shoulders, she gently moved her to where she should stand, and then took hold of her wrists, and guided them to show how she wanted Poppy to place her hands on her head.

“I expect you to stand still,” she said, and Poppy gave a tiny nod to show she understood. “And keep your nose in that corner until I call you out.”

“Yes ma’am,” Poppy said very quietly, feeling a little heat rising in her face.

“Good girl,” Nicola said again, and moved back to sit on the sofa. She glanced at her watch, and then spent the next few minutes gathering and sorting out her thoughts, focusing on her breathing, and re-centering herself. Discipline was something she felt she was good at, and was more than happy to provide when it was wanted or necessary, but she could also find it a little emotionally draining at times. With Hattie, she knew the woman almost better than she knew herself. She knew exactly what Hattie would respond well to in a spanking, and how hard and how much she could take. She knew how her words and tone would affect her, and she always sensed how entirely comfortable Hattie was to be with her in that intimate exchange.

Spanking Poppy had felt quite different; she felt she had to be hyper switched on as she tried to remain very aware of how Poppy was responding at any given time. Her brain had kicked into overdrive, trying to calculate if she was being too harsh, or too soft, or if Poppy wanted more or had had enough. Now, she was fairly exhausted.

She noticed Poppy in the corner, unable to keep entirely still but clearly trying hard. She decided not to correct it, as she could see the effort it was taking Poppy to manage to do as well as she was. In the end, Nicola gave Poppy just short of 5 minutes’ corner time, which she was quite aware the younger woman had felt to be an eternity.

She released her from the corner with a hug, and then instructed her to dress and make herself presentable again, before pointing out the tea and coffee supplies by the kettle in the kitchen, and inviting her to use them while she went to find Hattie upstairs.

Hattie was on their bed when Nicola entered the bedroom. She clearly been playing on her phone but had then lay down for a bit of a doze. Now, she was in a state of neither being entirely awake or asleep, her phone loosely resting against her hand.

She grumbled sleepily as Nicola climbed onto the bed beside her, and her eyes fluttered but didn’t open. She remained where she was as Nicola took her phone and placed it on the bedside table, but was unable entirely to stop her mouth from tugging into a small and slightly cheeky smile even as she tried to continue to pretend to be asleep. Nicola did not miss this, and allowed herself a very small wicked smile of her own.

“Oh dear, Hattie’s asleep,” Nicola announced to no-one in particular. “I wonder if this will wake her up.”

At that, she squeezed both of Hattie’s sides in response to a fairly dramatic squeal and a good deal of flailing. Then she tickled her all over for several seconds as Hattie fought hard for escape and protested desperately that she was already awake.

Nicola did not keep up the attack for long, however, and soon had Hattie sitting up in her arms.

But when Nicola went to kiss her, Hattie turned her face away, and then blushed a little. Nicola frowned to see her acting shy in this way.

“Sweetie, what is it?”

Hattie blushed a little deeper and kept her eyes down and aside, though she didn’t try to pull away from Nicola’s embrace. Her voice was a little hesitant. “Did you, um, you know… like … um, y’know, spanking Poppy?”

Instinctively, Nicola squeezed her arms around her girlfriend, holding her more tightly. “Oh, Hattie. Do you need to ask me this? You know how I feel about you, and that I could never feel that way about anyone else.”

“But did you like it?” Hattie persisted.

Nicola sighed, and tried to think about how she could phrase her answer honestly. “It was… it’s satisfying to give discipline where I feel it’s wanted and deserved, and Poppy is very sweet, so there is that. It was… tiring too. So I’m glad it’s over now. Besides,” she prodded Hattie in the side, “I don’t think anyone’s got as cute a butt as you do, so you can be certain I’ve made a mental note to give that cute little bottom of yours some attention later.”

At that, Hattie blushed all over again, and buried her face for a moment in her girlfriend’s shirt. Then, she found Nicola’s lips and the two women kissed.

Meanwhile downstairs, Poppy was fretting in the kitchen. Now that Nicola had gone upstairs and she was left alone, she suddenly could not help replaying the entire spanking scene in her head, starting from the pre-discussion, and somehow everything she had said or done seemed mortifyingly embarrassing in her memory of it.

In the replay in her head, her own voice seemed deafeningly loud for everything she said, and everything she’d said or done seemed in retrospect to have been incredibly stupid and juvenile.

She smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. “Stupid, stupid,” she muttered to herself. Then, she sunk into a crouch with her back to one of the kitchen counters and closed her eyes as she felt tears beginning to leak out.

She barely registered that Nicola and Hattie had entered the room, until she felt someone grip her arms and pull her gently back to her feet. Through her tears, she gazed briefly into Nicola’s concerned looking face, and then shut her eyes tightly again.

“Poppy… Poppy, come here.” Nicola enveloped her in a hug and felt Poppy sag in her arms. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I know I’m stupid, I’m sorry.”

“What’s brought this on, hmm?” Nicola frowned, rubbing Poppy’s back, as Hattie moved to the kettle which Poppy had evidently filled and put onto boil. She got out 3 mugs and made each of them a cup of tea.

“I shouldn’t have asked you to spank me, and I shouldn’t have come, and… I just feel so stupid, I’m sorry. I won’t bother you again.”

“Oh Poppy, don’t be ridiculous,” Nicola told her in a gently scolding tone. “Come on and sit down, and drink your tea.” She guided her into a seat at the kitchen table as Hattie placed the hot drink in front of her. Neither Hattie nor Nicola missed Poppy’s wince and grimace as she sat down.

By the time half of Poppy’s tea was drunk, she seemed to be looking less distressed, and more like the slightly embarrassed but friendly young woman they’d chatted to in the café earlier that day.

“Feeling better?” Nicola asked.

“I’m sorry, I just… got embarrassed, I guess,” Poppy admitted.

“Don’t worry about it,” Hattie chimed in before Nicola could answer. “I get embarrassed with Nicola all the time. She can have that effect.” She flushed and giggled a little as Nicola shot her a look.

Poppy managed a little laugh too but then she sighed as she looked at the time. “There’s a train in about an hour I could get if I go now,” she said, though she sounded more than a little exhausted.

Hattie glanced at Nicola for a moment, meeting her eyes before she spoke to Poppy. “You said your ticket’s an open return didn’t you? If you want to stay and catch one tomorrow, we’ve got a spare bed we can make up for you.”

Poppy didn’t answer at once. After a pause, and blushing all over again, she said, “You don’t have to.”

“I’ll go make the bed up,” Hattie said, grinning as she got to her feet. Poppy buried her face in her hands for a few moments before looking up to mumble a thanks which turned out to be a little too late, as Hattie had already left the room. She almost dove back into her hiding place when she caught Nicola watching at her.

“I’m going to get the dinner on,” Nicola informed her. “It’ll be a lasagne. That good with you?”

“Yeah,” Poppy said. “I mean yes thanks ma’am,” she added hurriedly.

“Ok, you’d better get out of my way then. You can watch the TV if you like. Go on, shoo!”

When Nicola walked into the sitting room a little later, she laughed a little at the scene before her. There was Hattie, watching the TV. That wasn’t at all strange. But curled up on the sofa, snuggled in a blanket, and with her head resting on Hattie’s lap, was Poppy; breathing softly and clearly fast asleep.

“You’ll have to wake her up,” Nicola told Hattie. “Or she won’t sleep tonight. And she needs to have dinner.”

“I know,” Hattie almost whispered. “But aww, Nicki look. You wore her out.”

Disturbed by the conversation, Poppy grumbled and shifted slightly, and then made a faintly indignant noise with a grimace as Hattie patted her on the bottom.

“Come on sleepyhead,” Hattie said, helping her sit up again. “Let’s get some dinner in you, and you can have an early night tonight.”

“I don’t need an early night,” Poppy mumbled, still a bit fuzzy from her nap.

“Uh huh, try telling that to Nicola,” Hattie said, prodding her new friend lightly in the side. “Or take my advice, and don’t. It’s never works out well for me.” She winked at her girlfriend then, which Nicola responded to with a headshake of mock disapproval at Hattie’s silliness.  

A few hours later, Poppy did indeed find herself in the spare room upstairs, where Hattie had made up the small single bed for her. This was a room that Nicola and Hattie mostly used for miscellaneous storage, but it felt strangely cosy. Though it was over an hour earlier than she’d normally be even thinking about getting ready for bed, Poppy had only given a token protest when Nicola had sent her upstairs with a light swat; she really was very tired.

After dinner, she had sat and composed her apology email to Julia, with a little help and encouragement from both other women. Hattie, it turned out, had plenty of experience with writing and phrasing apology letters. By the time that was finished, her eyelids were heavy and she really had no energy left in her to put up any arguments about an early night.

Now, under the covers in a borrowed night shirt, she sighed.

The day’s events had well and truly caught up with her and, despite her still quite sore behind, she was fast asleep in no time and all, and sleeping more soundly than she had for some time.

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  1. I really like the Poppy branch off of this story! 🙂 great writing, as always. 🙂

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