I Love My Spanko Friends (even/especially when they spank me!)

I actually love all my spanko friends, but there are 3 in particular I’m thinking of as I write this as this weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to have a meet up with my friends Steph, Dani, and Arran.

We had a lovely couple of days where we got to hang out, go to the pub, go out for Mexican food, sit in the park on a sunny day, and generally have a lovely time.

But if you’re reading this blog, that’s not the part you want to hear about, is it? I bet you just want to hear about how Steph spanked my poor bottom until I couldn’t sit down (or move) without wincing.

By the way, this is the same Steph and Dani I wrote about once before, in my story Hot Buns at the Baker’s. Of course that was a fictional story, while this weekend was very real – and much more painful for my poor behind! We did have tea and baked goods though. So at least I correctly predicted that! I even baked some special spanko hairbrush and paddle cookies.

I also appear to have correctly predicted getting in a spot of trouble with my friend (I can’t help being naughty, it seems) and ending up over her knee!

I started off being good though. Well, good-ish. She called me back as I skipped ahead of her while walking around the town. Cheekily, I shot a grin back at her, and skipped a few extra steps further ahead.

“One.” She began counting in a business-like manner. Glancing back, I saw a meaningful look.  

I didn’t wait for her to get to “two.” I scuttled back to her side with an embarrassed and sheepish expression before she had the chance. When I’m in a bottom headspace, I can be easily intimidated, or strongly affected by scolding from the right person.

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” she said, grinning in a slightly evil manner. She took my hand as we crossed the road.

Probably for the best I hadn’t skipped off, to be honest, as sense of direction is not one of my strongest points. Ok, yes, I’m a little prone to getting lost! I mean, I’m very prone to getting lost!

“Which station is it I’m supposed to get off at again?” I had messaged from the train that morning, in reply to her telling me she was waiting at the station.

Before you think I’m really extra bad at directions and did not even know where I was travelling to, you should know there were two stations in a row called the same thing but one with ‘north’ after the town name. I suddenly wasn’t sure which one was my stop.

“If you get lost first thing, and I have to come and find you, it’s not gonna mean comfortable things for your bottom…” She replied, after clarifying for me. Oh dear!

But luckily I did manage to get off at the right stop! Phew!

In the hotel where we stayed, we gathered our implements together in the afternoon. There was a lot!

And yes, Steph spanked me with just about everything – well, except the canes. We never did get to them in the end.

You see, I wasn’t quite so well behaved after all. And in retrospect, I probably should not have stuck my tongue out at her when she told me to face the wall – and put my nose against the post-it on which she had written my name.

There were no suitable corners due to the room layout, so nose-on-wall was the way to go. It also meant my ‘corner out of order’ signs didn’t get much use – though I think they did bring a little entertainment! 

Stoic at first when she spanked me, I wanted to be defiant and act like her hand, hairbrush, bath brush, spoon, strap, paddle, or scolding lines were not getting to me.

But after enough trips over her lap, interspersed with nose-on-wall time, I couldn’t control my reactions anymore. Pain overcame embarrassment and I squirmed, hissed, wriggled, kicked, and clutched at her leg for support.

“Give me your hand, sweetheart,” she said, as I squeezed her leg hard. I think perhaps with an embarrassed whimper, I slid my hand round onto the small of my back, where she put her hand in mine and squeezed back as I tightly held on.

I’d like to note that I got a pillow at the pub later, lots of cuddles, stickers, and also a bedtime spanking on my very sore bottom, which had me kicking from the very start, despite the fact it was a comparatively light hand spanking. My poor bottom was already very sore!

But after a bedtime story, and being tucked in, I slept reasonably well. Only reasonably, I say, as some other guests at the hotel were loudly stampeding up and down the corridor, banging doors (or so it sounded) and shouting in the early hours of the morning. But otherwise… I did sleep well.

And unlike Arran, who also got his fair share of spankings (also with just about all the implements) and turned out to be a massive brat (I say this in the best possible way, of course), I actually did learn my lesson!

A morning spanking kept it fresh in my mind how sore my bottom was, and how much it was not up to any further trouble or mischief.

“Your ass can’t cash that check,” I was reminded, when I wanted to be naughty, and struggled to be good. Especially when I didn’t want to have to leave to catch my train, and expressed my wish to have a tantrum.

But yes, I did manage to avoid further trouble! Probably for the best, considering the state of my butt. If you have a fetlife account, you can view evidence of that here, here, and here.

Anyway, I am home again now, and missing you all, my lovely spanko friends…

Dani, who is very sweet and I think (for this particular visit at least) may have been ‘the sensible one’.

Arran, who really brought out his inner brat (and paid for it).

And Steph, who can be very scary when she wants to be (and if you want her to be) but is actually very lovely (and let me use her lap as a pillow when I needed a nap).

Of course, we’ve all agreed to claim it was Dani who was the naughtiest if anyone asks.

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3 thoughts on “I Love My Spanko Friends (even/especially when they spank me!)

  1. 🙂 I really enjoy your stories. thanks for share this with us! It’s a shame you didn’t have the opportunity to use the out of order sign 😛 Maybe for next time! But I have a question that I can’t get off.. xD who bring the raccoon toy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately Steph confiscated my signage! The raccoon toy is mine 😁


  2. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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