[Last edit: May 2021]

Hello! My name is Emma X. I feel the X is very important. Does it stand for Xylophone? Is it a kiss? Is it where the treasure is buried? Who knows!

I am a 30-ish year old UK-based lesbian woman into spanking and tickling. At the core of it, my main thing is domestic discipline.

I mostly consider myself a bottom. I have a submissive side and a bratty side. My switchy side remains largely unexplored at this time, but I do believe I have a switchy nature which may come out more in some contexts than others.

I tend to write stories where there is at least implied consent between characters who have a shared affection for each other. However, my stories are fiction and not a guide or reflection how I necessarily think any real relationship dynamic should play out. There are some things I find hot in fantasy but would not want (or in some cases even find acceptable) in real life.

I started this blog in 2018 after I wrote a spanking story (Chapter 1 of my Arlene series). I soon followed it with Chapter 2, but then largely abandoned my blog for 2 years. This was largely due to embarrassment, and difficulty coming to terms with this side of myself. I am increasingly overcoming this.

I picked up writing again in early 2020 after I began my series My Name is Anna. Since then, I have been reasonably active. I now have multiple series, as well as occasional rambling updates about my thoughts on various things.

You can find all my stories on My Stories Page and sometimes I just post random ramblings.

If you want more from me and can afford to, please consider subscribing to My Patreon. I also have a Patreon Stories Index here.

Other than spanking, tickling, bratting, and story-writing, my interests include crafts, music (I play some instruments), fitness (especially running), reading (of course including spanking/tickling stories), growing things (eg. plants), and binge-eating cheese.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emma. My name is Coni. I love your stories. I also write stories and have tried to continue to write more. I am a lesbian. I live alone with my cat, Tiki. Life right now in Eudora,KS is on lockdown. So is the neighboring town of Lawrence. I’ve not been successful in finding a girlfriend yet. But I keep looking. I hope you are doing well. I enjoy the characters in your stories.

    I need to find a way to print my songs to my lesbian musical. It’s a great play and it would be wonderful to see it performed. Someday I hope.
    Have a great day!!

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    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. I hope you’re staying safe and doing OK in lockdown and that you’ll find a girlfriend one day assuming that’s what you want. I am also single but have been able in recent years (actually since creating my about page and Arlene story I think as that was like 2 years ago) to have some play/etc-only-no-sex relationships/etc with some people, not super unlike Anna and Rose in my story but mine are more play than ‘real’ discipline. Most my friends are straight but some are also open about kinks/etc and it’s not too hard for me to now talk about the more ‘mainstream’ ones (like spanking and tickling) in terms of myself to certain people.

      Hopefully your play will be performed one day. It’s cool you write songs.


  2. Emma
    Thanks for your reply. I do want a girlfriend. I hope to find her someday. It’s been hard for me to find a woman who would be into the kinks that is me . I am more of a brat than anything. I need a strong like woman in my life.

    I am a soft butch. But a poet also. I am artistic, and very creative. I just would hope to find her.

    Stay safe and be happy.



  3. Hi Emma,

    i really enjoy reading your stories. All of them! I like your style and hope you don‘t stop writing.

    I live with my family in Germany. Although I was always interested in relationships with men and I‘m happy married to one of them😉, I only read f/f dd stories. I prefer these. (well, to be honest, I think many people are bi, probably me too).

    I‘m not so into tickling, i guess because i hate being tickled😅

    I‘m not a top, when it comes up to spankings. I want to be spanked, mostly with a sexual highlight at the end.

    Why am I telling you all this? Maybe because you are so open in your blog and I feel connected.

    Keep on doing your thing!! I‘m always happy to see a new chapter!



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    1. Hi Svenja, thank you for your comment 🙂

      I am very glad you’ve enjoyed my stories, and I have a decent number of upcoming chapters for them drafted at the moment.

      I think it sounds natural to prefer f/f stories even if you’re straight or bi. I have occasionally posted how sometimes I enjoy different things in fiction than reality.

      For being open… I like to be open about things. I’ve often quite open about things even in my ‘real-life’, such as my emotions, feelings, past experiences, etc. TTWD/spanking/tickling etc is something that’s more difficult to be open about, but I have tentatively begun to be more open about this too with certain friends.

      And as for tickling haha! You’re not alone – MANY people hate tickling! It’s something that’s not uncommonly a hard limit even for people who otherwise have a high pain threshold. Buttttt…. I love it. And hate it. I hate/love it, because I am SO deathly ticklish, but… I need it. Silly brain.



      1. Hi Emma,

        I think the older we get and the more experienced we are, we open up more easily to people. Sometimes more to strangers, than to close friends.

        In my early 20s I was less self -confident and wanted to be liked, even by people that obviously wouldn’t fit to me. I acted differently cause I wanted to belong in, you know. But now with 35, I don‘t care what others think of me, like I used to. So, it is way easier to communicate about some deep desires.

        Like you do, i also enjoy different things in fiction than reality. Sometimes it‘s a blessing that no one can read my thoughts or can look into my head 😉

        Sorry for grammar and language…german is my native tongue 🥴

        Have a lovely week!


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      2. Yes, I think I have been more ‘choosy’ about my friends as I’ve got older. I don’t mean I am not friendly to people; I want to be friendly towards everyone. But I am a bit more ‘choosy’ over who I will invest emotional energy towards in terms of trying to form a closer friendship and really get to know them. Similar to what you describe, when I was younger, I would (sometimes desperately) try to establish such a friendship with almost anyone I met (often with little success to be honest).

        This caused me to waste a lot of energy trying too hard when it was clearly a poor fit for me. Heh! But I think that’s common when you’re younger.

        Your grammar etc is fine. If I tried to converse in German we’d just be saying ‘Guten Tag’ to each other repeatedly until one of us got bored.


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