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My Name is Anna has now got so long with the chapters and various spin-offs that I decided to give it its own index page. I have also written a number of other stories. Click here for my main stories index.

My Name is Anna

rose and anna story

Summary: Anna is a musician who lives in the fictional location of Brackton-on-Sea and plays flute and whistle with her friends from the band she performs with, The Red Hares. Her story now spans across several years, but she is in her mid 20s at the beginning of her story, which is narrated by in the first person. I have also written some spin offs from the POVs of other main characters in this series.

Main Story Chapters:

Chapter 1: Where Anna is spanked for the first time by Rose.

Chapter 2: Where Anna gets spanked on Christmas.

Chapter 3: Where Lucy is punished for using her phone while driving.

Chapter 4: Where Anna ends up in the river.

Chapter 5: Where Anna has a bad first date.

Chapter 6: Where Anna takes up violin.

Chapter 7: Where Anna gets sick, and crashes her bike (again!)

Chapter 8: Where Anna tries dating again, but gets upset after a break up.

Chapter 9: Where Anna has a go at teasing Rose.

Chapter 10: Where Anna meets Kate, and gets in trouble for lying.

Chapter 11: Where Anna has a discussion about spanking and discipline in a relationship.

Chapter 12: Where Anna is spanked for the first time… by Kate.

Chapter 13: Where Anna tries testing Kate’s patience when Kate needs to work.

Chapter 14: Where Kate asks Rose for an interesting lesson…

Chapter 15: Where Jenny gets in a spot of trouble.

Chapter 16: Where Anna and Kate discuss chores and housework.

Chapter 17: Where Anna finally learns to drive!

Chapter 18: A very close follow on from Chapter 17 with the rest of Anna’s punishment.

Chapter 19: Where Anna feels she isn’t getting enough attention from Kate.

Chapter 20: Where Anna struggles with phone addiction.

My Name is Kate (Chapter 21): Though this story is told with Kate as the narrator instead of Anna, it happens in sequence with the main chapters, unlike the spin-offs below which are not in sequence the main story. Kate confesses to Rose about some feelings she’s struggling with.

Chapter 22: Where Jenny receives an attitude adjustment from Rose

Spin-off Stories:

My Name is Lucy: Prequel to this series which I wrote after writing Chapter 5, but set a little more than 20 years before the events of Chapter 1, in 1986 when Rose and Lucy are university students.

My Name is Rose: A spin-off from Rose’s point of view, set in the current day [at the time of writing] of March 2020, during the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. I wrote this after writing Chapter 6 of the main series.

My Girlfriend, Lucy: This is a TICKLING story told from the point of view of Rose, and takes place at the start of May 2020, a little over a month after the spin-off My Name is Rose. It also makes reference to events from the prequel story, My Name is Lucy.

My Girlfriend, Rose: This is a not-quite-story piece, narrated by Lucy, in which she describes and talks about Rose and their life as a couple in a discipline relationship. It is in some ways the counterpart to My Girlfriend, Lucy, though it is not set during the same point in time, and also makes reference to events from the prequel story, My Name is Lucy.

Rose’s Mistake: A story from Rose’s POV, this is set in 1989, several years after the prequel My Name is Lucy, but still over 20 years before Chapter 1 of the main series. This short story explores how Rose and Lucy handle it when Rose is the one who has screwed up and done something wrong to land herself in ‘trouble’.

Other notes on this series:

Coronavirus, Character Stats, and Trivia: I made a general update where I noted the stats/ages of my characters in this story, included some general trivia about the story and my writing of it, and speculated on how well my characters would be coping with the coronavirus situation.

A Note on Tickling: An update I wrote after Chapter 8, while writing Chapter 9, where I talk about my thoughts on tickling, and why I’ve included it so much in this series.

Instruments and Other Info: I wrote this after one of my readers told me they thought Anna was whistling, and didn’t realise she was playing the whistle. I talk about what assumptions I make about what people will already know when I describe things or how they’ll picture it, based on my own experiences for what is ‘normal’, and encourage questions for anything people found weird or confusing.

A Picture of Rose and Lucy, Drawn by Saoirse: Saoirse draw a wonderful picture of Rose and Lucy. I made a post about it but am also putting it here, hehehe (there’s a larger image of it in the full post I made):

rose and lucy pic



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