Non-Story Index

As I have made an increasing number of non-story posts, I have this index of all my rambles and non-story posts. I also include my TOPBOT posts in this index.

If this isn’t the page you want, try my Stories Index.

Some posts which are not stories, which may be of interest. Oldest post first. Of note, I often change my views and opinions on things and often find myself not, or not entirely agreeing with myself when I read my past posts. The older the post is, the more likely I am to go ‘whaaat??’ if I re-read it:

Consent in My Writing, and Fiction vs Reality

I Don’t Edit: How I’ve Written So Many Stories

Ramblings: Tops, Brats, and Switches… What Am I?

The Brat to Angel Scale!

The Discipline to Sexy (and Playful) Scale(s)

A Scale for Tops!

On Embarrassment…

Safe Words (and where are they in my stories?)

My Interest in Spanking vs Tickling

I’m a Thrill Seeker (is that why I like tickling?)

The Strange Benefit of Lockdown: I’ve Come Out More

Confession: I Get Frustrated Writing About Tickling!

Random PSA: Your Work is Automatically Copyrighted.

I Received Some Naughty Birthday Gifts!

My New Patreon Page…

Supermarket Spanking Implements

I Must Confess: I Bought That Paddle…

Spanko Would You Rather. 

The Spanko/TTWD Alignment Chart!

The Tickle Fetishist Alignment Chart!

A Promise of Future Spankings…

If You Want To See The Chart In Colour

Am I A Born Spanko?

A Word Cloud Of The Descriptive Words I Like To Use In My Spanking Stories… Hehehe

Are You An Incurable Spanko? Take The Test…

Audio Version of my Stories? Opinions…

Age in Relationships, and Am I an Age Player?

I’m a Lesbian But Wait! – Am I Bi?

Self Esteem Issues

Talking To Vanilla People About Spanking

What Responsibility Do We Have As Spanko/Kink Authors?

On Being a Small Person

Jars of Spanko Kinks (I made a thing…)

Spanko Thermometers: Terms of Address Indicator

30 Spanko Quiz Questions to Overthink About


Please note TOPBOT is retired.

TOPBOT is not quite a story, but is certainly a work of fiction on my part. TOPBOT is a fictional virtual Toppy female robot who was invented to patrol some of my comment sections. TOPBOT made her first appearance here, but I decided to contain her within specific TOPBOT themed posts going forwards.

The purpose of the posts was for people to interact with TOPBOT in the comments section if they wanted to.


Introducing TOPBOT

The Dangers of Fictional Robots: Was TOPBOT a Mistake?!

A TOPBOT Poem By Carrie

TOPBOT Strikes Again!

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