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To help you read my Patreon stories in order, this is my Patreon Story Index where I will link to each post similar to how I do on my WordPress Stories Index. If you would like to subscribe to my Patreon to read my Patreon stories, please click here to see my Patreon page. 

I am currently posting on a schedule of once per week, most often on a Sunday (evening UK time). My stories and chapters vary in length, with most being approximately 1500-3000 words, though some may be shorter, especially some of my one-shots, or my bedtime stories.

Sonia and Karlie:

Sonia and Karlie are a lesbian couple in their 30s living in a TTWD relationship with Sonia as the established Top of hot-headed Karlie. Sometimes Karlie brats playfully, and sometimes she gets into serious trouble! Sonia usually spanks Karlie in the OTK position with hand, hairbrush, or paddle. She also uses mouthsoaping, cornertime, and lines.

Part 1: Karlie let her temper get the better of her at her job, where she works as a hospital waiting list coordinator and swore at both a patient and her boss. OTK hand, paddle, mouthsoaping, cornertime. 2800 words.

Part 2: A short scene where Karlie does not want to get dressed to visit her parents. OTK, soap is threatened/mentioned. 750 words.

Part 3: A funishment spanking and tickling after Karlie playfully brats for attention. Leather paddle and hand spanking. 1500 words.

Part 4: Karlie starts by teasing playfully (“All bratting is technically Tops’ faults!”) when their friends are visiting, but it quickly escalates when she gets irritable due to tiredness. 2800 words.

Part 5: Karlie’s reluctant to accept her punishment for cycling without  helmet. 3000 words.

Part 6: When Karlie tries to start a fight when drunk, Sonia isn’t happy. There will be trouble in the morning, and for Karlie that means a spanking. 2100 words.

Part 7: When Sonia is away, Claire and Alice invite Karlie to sleep over at theirs. But… can she behave? 2600 words.

Part 8: A story about Sonia and Karlie’s friends; Claire and Alice. Alice is usually well-behaved but today she’s decided to try testing the rules. 2400 words.

Part 9: After a tiring day out, Karlie loses her temper at another passenger on the train.

Freya and Holly:

Freya and Holly are a UK-based lesbian couple in their 30s/40s who are living and isolating together during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series begins in March 2020, when they have begun shielding due to the fact Holly is both type 1 diabetic and asthmatic. Freya is the established Top of Holly. While most of my writing is a bit more escapist from the present day, I hope this one will be enjoyable.

Part 1: Supermarket delivery was not as full as they’d hoped, and Holly gets a bedtime spanking to help her sleep. Approx 2000 words.

Part 2: Holly doesn’t want to drink her tea or test her blood sugar. OTK hairbrush spanking. Approx 2300 words.

Part 3: Holly wants a lie in, but Freya isn’t having it. Approx 2000 words.

Part 4: Lockdown restrictions begin easing in May, but not for Holly. She’s frustrated to be stuck at home when others can go out and see each other. Approx 2200 words.

Part 5: Holly is excited to have some friends over for a socially distanced garden visit, and does some playful attention-seeking bratting… Approx 2000 words.

Part 6: Freya manages to get Holly out of her bad mood before it lands her in more trouble than she wants. Now feeling playful, Holly doodles a picture of Freya, which gets her into a little bit of trouble after all.

Part 7: Holly’s friends are having a socially distanced meet-up in a park. She knows it’s not really safe for her to attend, but that doesn’t stop her having a little tantrum over not being able to.

Part 8: Holly’s being a naughty cookie thief! And right before dinner, too!

Part 9: Holly tries to walk through a cow field containing a bull…

Part 10: In July, restrictions have been lightened, and Holly is feeling upset and bitter when she looks at her social media; it seems like all her friends are having fun, while she and Freya are still self-isolating.

Part 11: In August, it’s very hot! An overheated Holly has a tantrum and needs to cool off.

Part 12: Holly has locked herself in the bathroom… but why?

Part 13: It’s 3:42am and Holly’s not in bed…

Part 14: It’s late November and Holly is upset about it not being safe to see her family over Christmas, despite the lockdown restrictions briefly lifting over the Christmas period.

Sara and Liz:

Sara and Liz are 2 spanko/tickling kinksters in their late 30s. They are both slightly switchy but Sara is the overall Top of Liz in an established discipline dynamic. They engage in a lot of play, especially with tickling, and may use restraints, bondage, etc. This series may have a slightly more ‘BDSM-feel’ than much of my other writing.

Part 1: Liz has come up with a new tickling game called ‘interrogation’. Sara is only too happy to oblige. Tickling story, approx. 3500 words.

Part 2: Liz gets a bedtime spanking with their large paddle named Holey Hell, after she won’t stop bothering Sara. Approx 2800 words.

Part 3: Liz spanks Sara with a hairbrush in this story, which also includes figging. Approx 2500 words.

The Fairies:

Flutterella is a naughty fairy who lives with her wife, Flowerbell, in the hollow of a tree. Sometimes she gets into trouble, especially when she hangs out with her friend Daisybud, who is disciplined by her own fairy wife, Rosepetal.

Part 1: Flutterella gets a spanking when she’s out flying after dark again! Approx 800 words.

Part 2: Flutterella dares her friend Daisybud to sprinkle a cat with fairy dust, resulting in chaos. Approx 1700 words.

Part 3: Rosepetal deals with Daisybud for her part in the cat incident. Approx 1000 words.

The Pixie: (Part 3.5?) This particular story was posted to my blog, not my Patreon, but I am also including it in this index so that the series is still listed in one place. Trick is a naughty pixie who plays a mean prank on Flowerbell and Flutterella. They’re a nonbinary character so this story is F/NB.

Part 4: Flutterella gets upset and has a tantrum when she’s stuck inside her tree hollow, as bad weather has caused the fairy picnic to get cancelled. Approx 2000 words.

Part 5: Flutterella has got the fairy sniffles but doesn’t want to stay in bed!

A Witches’ Brew

Griselda and Nettle are a witch couple who have settled in early 2000s Cambridge, UK. Griselda is the established Top of bratty Nettle, who uses her witchcraft and potion brewing skills to get into a lot of mischief.

Part 1: Griselda is about to commence working as a research assistant alongside working towards a PhD in biochemistry. But how will bratty Nettle fill her time in the human world? Meanwhile, the rather disagreeable Mrs Parker introduces herself as their new neighbour.

Part 2: Nettle has befriended a cat. But is it a stray and will Griselda let her her keep it?

Part 3: Mrs Parker is seeming more agreeable than usual when Griselda greets her as she arrives home. But is Nettle up to something? 

Frankie and Allie:

Frankie and Allie are a couple in their 30s. They are living separately but in the same city during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have formed a support bubble together. Their story begins in September 2020. Allie is the lively, well meaning, but disorganised and often impulsive girlfriend and bottom of Frankie, who luckily knows just how to deal with her!

Part 1: Allie hasn’t cleaned her flat, but tries to hide some of the evidence before Frankie’s visit…

Part 2: When Allie’s mood takes a downward turn, she directs her attitude and bad language at Frankie, who soaps her mouth out for her.

Zoe and Sasha

Zoe and Sasha are a lesbian couple without much backstory. I often write one-shot short stories and I realised many of them have characters with the same sort of energy or personality. So I’ve decided to make them a recurring couple rather than coming up with new names and descriptions etc each time. They may become more fleshed out in future. Many of their stories are short (1000-1500 words) and are not written to be necessarily read in order.

1. Long Overdue: Sasha is struggling to be good during her spanking. But once it’s over, she feels reset and ready for the upcoming week.

2. I Asked You to Stand in the Corner: Sasha doesn’t want to do cornertime properly. So naturally, she tries throwing a tantrum…

3. Messing About: A playful just-because spanking including some playful bratting from Sasha and a little good-humoured meanness from Zoe.

4. Morning Run: Sasha was very enthusiastic when she made plans to run in the morning with Zoe. But now the morning has come and it’s time to actually get out of bed, she needs a bit of extra encouragement from her girlfriend…

5. If You’d Like To See Some Bullying…: When Sasha accuses Zoe of being a bully for making her take a social media break, Zoe decides to give her a taste of bullying (and a wedgie).

6. Spreadsheets: Sasha has got herself stressed and worked up over the financial end of year in her workplace, and pitches a small tantrum over it. 

Bedtime Stories:

A series of stories intended to be a nice spanko read before bed, or perhaps to have read aloud as a bedtime story. These stories are not necessarily related to each other though have have some recurring characters, and are typically short, in the 500-1000 word range.

1. A Little Sleepy: The Top character narrates first-person about putting her partner, a Little, to bed with an affectionate bedtime routine and spanking.

2. I’m not tired: Aggie has been up since 6am for a running race. But she insists she’s not tired. Her girlfriend Megan thinks she could do with an early bedtime, however.

3. Cuddly: A first person narration of a Top putting to bed her bottom/brat who has already received a disciplinary spanking that day.

4. Grumpy: Aggie gets an early bedtime (and a spanking) after being grumpy all afternoon.

5. Sore: From the Top’s POV, a first person narration where the bottom is severely spanked before bed for attitude and misbehaviour despite already having a very sore bottom.

6. Just Because: Sometimes, even when you’re not in trouble, you just need a good sound spanking. 

7. Naughty: Aggie expresses her wish to be naughty so Megan will spank her…


Chrissy and Izzy are university students who can get very competitive on the netball court – especially when playing against each other during practice matches! This may be a short series, but is not in one-shots as it will be in at least 3 parts. 

Part 1: When Chrissy and Izzy’s competitiveness turns to aggression during a practice game, Coach Francis intervenes.

Part 2: Izzy’s up first for a spanking at the coach’s hand (well, paddle). 

Part 3: Chrissy gets her turn too, and she’s not getting off lightly. 

One Shots:

Various one-shot stories that are stand-alones rather than being part of an ongoing series. Generally not related to any other story. 

When I Get My Hands On You: A short tickling piece, where the narrator addresses the reader and says what they’re going to do to them. Approx 600 words.

Puns!: First person F/F (can be read as F/* as narrator can be read as any gender) funishment scene. Approx 650 words.

We Need To Talk: Not quite a story, but a short 1st person piece about a belt spanking. Approx 230 words.

Did You Get The Milk?: Running errands is very important! The wooden spoon will remind you if you forget… 1000 words.

Have We Talked About Your Attitude Enough?: A brief but harsh spanking. OTK hairbrush, approx. 700 words.

The Warrior and her Companion: The warrior’s companion has been dragging her feet all day and needs sorting out. While this is not strictly written as Xena fanfiction, this couple are at least inspired by Xena and Gabrielle. 650 words.

Cooking and Caning: This is a short story which is slightly more funishment than real discipline. Also, the first time I have written about the cane (I think…)

Telling Naughty Jokes: A first person short story. The title is very self explanatory. 650 words.

Birthday Spanking: A birthday spanking with a twist… 800 words.

The Castle Cooks: Two mischievous cooks are working in a castle in a medieval setting. The head cook gives them a good wooden spoon spanking when they muck about and make a mess. 1100 words.

The HR Manager: I imagined what would happen if a brat tried to report their Top to HR. A very silly short-ish story of around 1200 words, with a not-that-shocking plot twist.

Arrgh! A Pirate Story!: Life as a pirate is not quite the rum-drinking, sea-shanty-singing, sword-fighting adventure Mary envisioned! And Captain Elizabeth Morgan has little patience for members of her crew who want to sleep in all day!

Princess Everilda and the Wood Turner: Princess Everilda is incredibly spoiled! One day, she meets Alice, the wood turner from the village…

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?: A first person story about a spanking outside in the snow. Watch where you’re throwing your snowballs!

32 Minutes (and a Good Idea): When Danielle misses her bedtime by 32 minutes and says that’s not much, Tania gives her a timed OTK hairbrush spanking to show her exactly how long 32 minutes is.

The Sorceress and The Genie: A naughty genie has been naughtily granting the unintended wishes she overhears…

Intergalactic Taxes (F/NB): Lux is a nonbinary human living on the planet B-14 in an unspecified time in the future. Unfortunately, they discover they were supposed to be filing Earth tax forms, despite having never visited humanity’s origin planet, due to a technicality as they visited Alpha Centauri (a known Earth Territory) as a child. A story with a tax system to rival that of the present day United States. 

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