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Welcome to my Stories Index. The vast majority of my stories are F/F, often featuring lesbian couples. However, there are a few exceptions to this. Whenever stories are not F/F, I will say so in the description.

My stories are predominantly spanking stories, often of a disciplinary nature, though tickling is a common theme that runs through many of them. I also have a few tickling stories, and have labelled them as such in their descriptions. 

I also have a Non-Story Index, About Section, and Links page.

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This page is for my fictional stories. I have also written some true stories about me. I have a True Stories Index for this. 

Disclaimer: My stories listed here are entirely fictional, and feature adults (at least 18+). I write my stories for an adult audience. I believe spanking in reality is an activity that should only take place between enthusiastically consenting adults who are aware of any risks involved in any kink activity they are doing, after negotiation, with knowledge of each other’s limits, and with safe words in place.

My views (on spanking or any other topic) do not necessarily align with those of my characters and my stories should never be taken to be a reflection of how I necessarily believe any real-life dynamic should play out. Any situations of questionable consent in my fictional writing should not be taken as a reflection of my views on real life spanking. That said, I do have a preference for writing stories with at least implied consent between characters who have a shared affection for each other, either in a close platonic or romantic relationship.

I hope you enjoy my stories:

Arlene’s Apprentice

Arlene's story logo

Summary: Set in a fantasy world equivalent to a loosely medieval-ish time period, Arlene is a Witch who reluctantly takes on an apprentice, Anya. Their world is a tough one, and full of danger. This doesn’t stop mischievous Letty from the nearby town from trying to make sure everyone’s having a good time.

Chapter 1: Anya is introduced to her new life as an apprentice Witch, under the guidance of the rather stern Arlene.

Chapter 2: Anya and Arlene step up when danger threatens the town.

Chapter 3: Anya meets 3 new Witches. (After not updating this story for 2 years, I have written this short chapter to try and get back into it.)

Chapter 4: Letty behaves slightly rashly when Lisette winds her up.

Chapter 5: Letty gets her punishment.

Chapter 6: Anya finally receives a letter from her father.

Chapter 7: Lisette and Anya are drilled together for fighting…

Chapter 8: Lisette and Anya are in trouble.

Chapter 9: Anya’s left at home in a storm…

Chapter 10: More on Anya’s storm flight.

Chapter 11: Anya’s chat with Arlene about her unauthorised flight…

Chapter 12: Letty brats Anya during a writing lesson.

Chapter 13: Ryia and Corinne have brought some urgent news, and Lisette and Anya are to be left alone.

Chapter 14: Lisette and Anya are left alone…

Character Drawings: I have also done some character drawings. I’m afraid I’m not really an artist, but I had fun doing these and showing loosely how I picture these characters.

My Name is Anna

rose and anna story

Summary: Anna is a musician who lives in the fictional location of Brackton-on-Sea and plays flute and whistle with her friends from the band she performs with, The Red Hares. Her story now spans across several years, but she is in her mid 20s at the beginning of her story, which is narrated by her in the first person. I have also written some spin offs from the POVs of other main characters in this series.

This series has now got so long I have made it its own index page to link to all the chapters and various spin-offs / notes etc. 

Click Here for My Name is Anna Index Page

Or Click Here If You Just Want Chapter 1

Sandra and Janet

sandra and Janet

Summary: In 1950s Minnesota, rich and spoiled Janet left her family home in the city to live on a small farm with Sandra, whom she met at the state fair and later fell in love with. Janet’s new life is hard compared to her old one, and she may be slightly prone to tantrums. But overall, she’s happier now than she ever was before.

Part 1: The original story, written from a [strange mash up of] prompt[s].

Part 2: Janet has a tantrum over being asked to clear the table.

Part 3: Trick the dog ate Janet’s knitting project…

Part 4: Knitting problems again! Has Janet ruined her cardigan?

Part 5: Sandra runs into someone from her past that she’s not so keen on.

Part 6: Janet doesn’t like having to take a bath.

Nicola and Hattie

bath brush

Summary: Nicola and Hattie are a lesbian couple in their 30s living in a consensual spanking discipline relationship that was in place before the series began. Nicola is the established Top, and disciplines Hattie most often with a bath brush or hairbrush. Sometimes Hattie gets in serious trouble, but sometimes she just likes to brat.

Chapter 1: Will Hattie finish her essay in time? (Also available to listen to as an audio story)

Chapter 2: Essay trouble again. Back up your work, kids!

Chapter 3: Hattie’s just being a brat, really. This chapter has more tickling than spanking.

Chapter 4: Hattie tests Nicola on their screen-time rule before bedtime.

Chapter 5: The dangers of bratting when you do something that’s not going to get you in trouble until further down the line… when you might regret it.

Chapter 6: A playful spanking and tickling scene between Nicola and Hattie.

Chapter 7: Hattie gets a speeding ticket!

Chapter 8: Hattie gets a playful / good-girl spanking for no particular reason in a short scene between this couple.

Chapter 9: Hattie failed to submit her university assignment, and though she was granted a 2-week extension, things don’t work out well for her backside…

Chapter 10: Hattie has become upset after getting in a flame war with an internet troll.

Chapter 11: Nicola and Hattie are packing for a camping trip, and Hattie gets a warning trip over Nicola’s lap.

Chapter 12: Hattie’s friend Millie has got some interesting pranks planned, but Hattie isn’t sure she wants to go along with them.

Chapter 13: Millie is dealt with by her girlfriend and Top, Julia, for her pranks.

Chapter 14: Hattie’s in a spot of trouble after naughtily changing Nicola’s computer desktop background.

Chapter 15: Poppy is introduced as a new character, who has gotten herself banned from the spanking and discipline internet forum Nicola and Hattie are also members of.

Chapter 16: Poppy gets a spanking

Chapter 17: Poppy gets the hairbrush. This chapter draws the Poppy-story-arc to a temporary close.

Chapter 18: Hattie is feeling a little addicted to a game, and mouthing off to Nicola earns her a mouthsoaping to go with her spanking.

Hazel and Enid

Summary: Hazel and Enid are a couple of ‘great chums’ (spoiler: they’re lesbians) in their 20s, living in mid-1920s England. As well as being set in the 1920s, I have attempted to write their stories in the style, tone, and language use of 1920s children’s fiction. Though these are adult stories with adult characters, I have wanted the ‘feel’ of the narration to read as though it could be a 1920s children’s story.

Part 1: A Little Tantrum: When Hazel and Enid are both off work, they get to spend a rare day together. However, Enid gets herself into a bad mood when she remembers their nice day has to come to an end.

Part 2: Four Shillings and Sixpence (A Christmas Story): Hazel and Enid need to buy presents for Christmas. But Enid’s temper once again gets the better of her as they wait to be served in a shop…

The Witches

Alma and Fenella are a witch couple in a late-medieval-ish fantasy world. This is a light hearted series where Fenella gets up to various mischief and is taken care of Alma, who is also her romantic partner.

Part 1: Fenella doesn’t want tomorrow to come as she’s not looking forwards to her Witch Academy Reunion.

Part 2: Alma sorts Fenella out (with an OTK hairbrush spanking) and the reunion is not as terrible as Fenella feared.

Fiction About Me (Or People I Know)

Sometimes I have written stories where I have inserted myself and/or other people I know as the characters, perhaps in an alternative reality. These stories are not necessarily related to each other. They are fictional, can often be ridiculous, and are not necessarily reflective of the actual personalities of the real-life counterparts of the characters.

The Problem With Video Chat: Written from the prompt, “how about a zoom based story?” This is quite a silly and slightly self-indulgent one-shot you’ll need to suspend your disbelief for.

Ash Getting Me Into Trouble (sigh): A story where Ash and I are inserted into a story in a fictional alternative reality where we knew each other as university students, and lived together with a Top in a mutual [non romantic] discipline arrangement. Ash’s title suggestion was “Emma Gets Distracted From Her Chores and Blames Ash.”

Princess Andrea and her Fairy Godmother: A fairy tale style story I wrote for some friends of mine, inserting fictionalized versions of them into the story. This story was written in real-time into an instant messaging app with these friends and a few others.

Hot Buns at the Baker’s: Steph is a spanko-switch friend of mine that I am unable to visit in the pandemic… so I wrote this story about her. In this alternative reality, she’s a baker!

One-Shot Stories

This is where any stories go that are not part of a series or necessarily linked with any other story. Some of my series did begin as one-shots however, so there is a [non-guaranteed] chance there may be later parts to some of these.

The Warrior and The Tree Sprite: A F/F TICKLING story with a fantasy/supernatural theme. This is a tickling story only, with no spanking/discipline element, but I hope you might enjoy it even if you came here for my spanking stories.

Have You Flossed Your Teeth?: Cathy is spanked with a ruler after getting into trouble with her girlfriend Hannah; a strict dental hygienist.

The Goddess’s Temple: Written from the prompt, “How about goddess/archaeologist who is excavating her temple,” this is a short one-shot story.

Amanda Has Written A Short Story: This story was written by one of my regular commenters, Amanda. It is a short story she wrote following a prompt from me.

Carrie and I Wrote A Story Together: Carrie and I co-wrote a tap-dance themed story. Part 1 of it is available on Carrie’s blog. Part 2 is on mine.

A Short and Ridiculous Story: A story I typed into a live text chat about the Queen of Norway, an Ice Palace, and the Official Polar Bear Walker.

Greek Myth: A Sapphic Retelling of Daedalus and Icarus: Imagine the story of Daedalus and Icarus, but instead of father and son, it was a couple of married women were were trapped on Crete. And that it was a spanking story…

Remember Remember the 5th of November: A Guy Fawkes themed spanking story, perfect for Bonfire Night!

A Desperate Situation: A spanking story that includes corner time and some pee-desperation. Content warning: This story is as much about forced-pee holding as about spanking.

And You Are Telling Me This Is Your Best: The title is a prompt given to me by Gracie from The Shadows Play. This story was published on her blog, The Nightlight (link to story leads there), where she publishes stories written by various authors, of which I am one.

The Pixie (F/NB): Trick is a naughty pixie who gets more than they bargained for after playing a mean prank on a couple of fairies. While most my stories are F/F, Trick is a nonbinary character and this story is F/NB. The fairy characters are from my Patreon series: The Fairies, but this story is written to work as a stand-alone.

The Allotment Shed: Laura doesn’t always remember to put her gloves away properly in the allotment shed. Her girlfriend, Rachel, knows just how to deal with that, and there may be a surprise item in the shed!

Star Wars Fanfiction (M/M): Qui Gon Jinn spanks Obi Wan Kenobi in a fanfiction piece set shortly before the events of the Phantom Menace. This was a request piece and the first (possibly only) time I have ever tried writing M/M.

The Snow Queen and The Ice Princess: In a short fairy-tale-feeling story with the setting/aesthetic inspired by Narnia, the naughty Ice Princess has turned a whole load of people and animals into ice statues!

Cooling Your Temper (A Cold Bath Story): I wrote this story while mentally exploring my interest in non-spanking based punishments. A first person story from the POV of the Top character, this story does also include a spanking. I think this story begins with a harsh tone and a sweet ending (I hope!)

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