True Spanking Stories…

The majority of my stories on this blog are works of fiction. To read my fictional stories, please see my Stories Index. If you want more stories, please consider subscribing to my Patreon. I also have a Patreon Stories Index.

However, I have also written a few true stories. About me. (Shock, horror, etc. Ok, you all knew I was an exhibitionist. I mean, have you seen my blog?). I have decided to create a separate index to keep these separate from my fictional stories.

I have gained permission from the people described in these stories to write about them, or have anonymised them where applicable.

And while I may have taken some artistic license in the descriptions and dialogue (these are stories, not transcriptions!) they are, largely speaking, a depiction of true events.

Here are my True Stories:

Part 1: Emma’s Bedtimes…: I write about how I met Princess Bunty and got my first ‘proper’ OTK spanking. I have taken the decision to write about myself in the 3rd person, as I have found this makes it easier for me to tell in the format of a story. We had a dynamic that lasted around 7 months and ended on good terms.

Part 2: Princess Bunty is a Meanie: This piece of writing clearly lays out how Princess Bunty is a meanie, and I am expecting the comments / my inbox / etc to be flooded with sympathy at once. Ok… I might be being a little over dramatic…

A Flexible Bedtime Application Form: Not a story, but an administrative procedure… Can you believe my request was denied?!

I Love My Spanko Friends (Even/especially when they spank me): This is not written in story-form, but is a first-person account of my visit with several spanko friends of mine; Steph, Dani, and Arran. I especially write about how Steph spanked me for my misbehaviour…

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